Random Act Of Weirdness?

In the ocean relentless and grim,
there lived a fish who could not swim.

Stranded on the shore she'd cry,
envying as the others swam by.

The little fish was all alone you see,
there was no one who could understand thee.

Pleading that she will give all her hearth
to the one who will not break it apart.

Many fish promised to keep it safe.
but it was too late.

A fish who could not swim,
did not interest them.

They all swam away,
leaving her soul to decay.

Why must the little fish suffer,
why can't her hearth enjoy laughter.

Her emotions crashed like thunder
as her hearth was torn asunder.

Still slither of hope remained,
as the beach many dreams contained.
ijansa ijansa
22-25, M
Oct 16, 2013