All In The Family

When my daughter first started working, she worked for a bakery in a local grocery store.  Her personality made her a hit with the local customers but she tried to surpress that by being a little less friendly than normal.  So I decided to get her to be herself by making her laugh and smile.  When she worked I would stop by the store and hang out around the bakery.  I would wait until she was waiting on a customer with her grown-up look and do something like peek at her by hiding behind the bread, then slowly moving a loaf of two to spy on her,  or walk past her holding a cake in front of my face so she "could't " recognize me,  hold two rolls to my chest so they looked like boobs.  It was so much fun because it was weird but it had the added effect of embarrassing her.  Now isn't that what parents are for?  

rhettbuttler69 rhettbuttler69
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5 Responses Mar 5, 2010

I think those of us who enjoy being weird were wired that way from birth. Always enjoy doing odd things. I always like to here " Oh Dad" or "WIll you just stop being weird" Answer to that last question is NO. It's who I am.

haha ... that's my kind of fun - I'm so embarrassing!

LOL, nice job WIB !!!! You would have loved my stop yesterday. Went to a closeout store that had a lot of Halloween witches left and were selling them cheap. They would scream and cackle if they sensed movement. Guess who spent time setting them all off to the chagrin of salespeople. Yep! Weirdness is FUN!!!

Oh I identify with this rhett. I'm always doing embarrassing things! One of my favourites is in the toy store. You know those toys that have a button you press and they sing and dance? Well I love when there's a whole shelf of them - I love to set them ALL off together - amuses me no end ... my daughter cracks up and pulls me out of the shop. I did this last week in London - in Harrods where there was a whole shelf of singing and dancing frogs ... highly amusing!!

I'm sure that your daughter had great '' you'll never guess what my dad did today'' stories to tell her friends!