The Shrimp Dance

Many years ago I was fishing with a buddy from a very long pier. We were using live grass shrimp for bait and were drinking copious amounts of beer as required at that age. After several hours and having caught many fish and crabs we were pretty buzzed and baking in the summer sun. We still had a few pounds of grass shrimp on ice and I suggested we toss them into the water before we left since they'd soon go bad. My buddy looked at me with a most mischievous grin and dumped the box of shrimp onto the pier and began to dance something like the flamenco on the poor shrimp at his feet. Being of wasted mind but sound body I joined him in the shrimp dance. What merry fools we were.

neonshades neonshades
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5 Responses Mar 5, 2010

Beautiful memory! Wow, sounds so fun. I'd love to have friends and experiences like that.

It was pretty squishy with shoes, hate to thing how it would be barefoot.

Yeah, cuz it would be a little squishy without...but you were drinking so one never knows. *wink*

With shoes silly!

Barefoot or with shoes? :)