In the 7th grade my elementry school was having a small talent show, I tried out and was REJECTED.  It was a bad day.  The next month the tryouts for the highschool talent show was starting, I was asked by the judges to come and audition even though I was not in highschool.  I got in.  My act was of jokes and doing impersonations of famous people.  That night I was so nervous, when I went on stage I totally froze up, there were hundereds of people there.  I felt like I blacked out, but suddenly I was doing the routines and people were laughing it was like majic.  I did about 7 minuets and finally went off.  That same night unbeknownest to everyone in the audiance I also became the sound effects person, making the different noise in skits with my voice only.  It was one of the most awesome nights for me.

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When I get in front of people I am different, I am not a out going person then or now, or at least part of me. When I am performing it is like everything else just dissapers and you get lost in the thing you are doing. It is fun though, I wish I could have done more of it in my life.

You had a lucky experience! When I was in 7th Grade, I entered my school's talent show and I got through. I was singing, so my music teacher offered to play the piano for me in the background. I accepted his offer but, when I got up on the stage, the pianoist wasn't there, so I was up on the stage, singing, with no music playing! Suddenly, after about 30 seconds of that, my music teacher ran onto the stage, panting, and said "Sorry everyone." and I sang the rest of it with him playing the piano. I was fine with what happened, but my mum wasn't. So she went into his classroom and started shouting at him! And the music teacher just looked really scared! I was so embrassed!

Great for you!You must be really brave.Wish I was.