She Helps Me More Than She Knows

The one person in my life that always has a special way of cheering me up is my daughter. Right now I am struggling with unemployment and I feel so lost, depressed,worthless. She is always so free spirited and always has something interesting and intuitive to say. She turns 14 on Monday but to me she seems so wise and independent beyond her age. I am so blessed to have her in my life now especially with how my self esteem diminishes at times. I have been thinking about suicide a lot lately but I do not think I can go through with it because somewhere deep within me I feel that part of God's plan for me involves parenting her. I am fighting myself daily to stay positive, to stay interested with living. Thoughts of her give me strength to wake up and spar with this world and God knows I cherish the great relationship we have. I plan to tell her how she is helping me live. My depression seems blinding but she help remind me that things get brighter.
pergetory77 pergetory77
36-40, M
Jan 20, 2013