Perhaps it was the lure of the whales that return each year right offshore in majestic view, that first drew world renowned Danish Architect Jorn Utzon to Lanikai, Hawaii.  Or maybe it was the spectacular sunrises over the Mokulua Islands. It could have been the migrating sea-birds that fly over the lovely warm turquoise waters, at eye-level, with their spectacular gliding wing spans. Mr. Utzon found and created a homesite, while working as a professor at the University of Hawaii on this most spectacular hillside  tucked away on a ridge, only a minute walk from one of the world’s most beautiful beaches.

Lanikai, an upscale suburb of Kailua on the windward coast of Oahu, Hawaii features one of the best swimming beaches in the world. Named for its "sea-blue" skies, Lanikai boasts views of the "twin" islands of Mokulua just offshore. The natural wonders that draw visitors and photographers here called to Jorn Utzon in his fruitful middle years.

Mr. Utzon moved to Hawaii, worked at the University as a professor, and later,  designed  (among many other design masterpieces) the famous Sydney Opera House. For his work on the opera house, Utzon was made an honorary Companion of the Order of Australia and he received the keys to the City of Sydney. He was also awarded the Pritzker Prize, one of the highest honors for a living architect. His focus in his life’s architecture and the design world goes hand in hand with his natural ideals and qualities. Real nature and natural events seed the construction aspects of his dreams and designs.

Utzon’s previous own Lanikai homesite now  features this reverence for nature in its layout , nestled into the botanical gardens of the hillside and its rich views across the ocean. 

Tho' this story began with Jorn Utzon’s visions for his land-find  approx. fifty years ago, IT NOW has new story unfolding. "A spiritual will, seems to be following the property" claims current owner, Will Lee, as a romantic encounter has found life via a chance-find of different spaces and times, with his new girlfriend from Denmark! Perhaps the blue in her eyes knew where to take her, or maybe her sun-blonde sandy hair wished to follow her toes waltzing along the tropical shoreline sands, and it just felt like home. "A great historical episode has begun to take place here through Mr. Utzon’s inspiration, imagination and natural spirit," Mr. Lee states. "Surely, Utzon’s love did strike twice – and the adventure of the newly found love continues. As much as mankind would truly love to define or explain the physical world, there is no explanation that either of us perfectly imperfect bonded humans  can give. It seems so many people put their faith in the realities of economics, philosophy, religion, law, literature, art; yet there is always the rare power of the metaphysical unknown, and the essential ability to interpret it beyond thought. This is a connection beyond the physical realties of science and technology- it is the secret of the fulfillment of faith and love!!"

To view this property with a virtual tour- please go to "OPEN2VIEW.COM #1002" 

This beloved estate is sincerely being offered for the 1st time. 


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Mar 9, 2009