I Did Not Believe In Soulmates Until This

This did not happen when we first saw each other or had any real knowing of except she works in my doctors office. I always thought she was pretty but never thought if I were only single or younger I would like to ask her out. I never really thought about her at all until for some reason in the office we locked eyes for about 5 seconds. I still do not know how or why this happened as I have always been very shy and could never make eye contact like that before. At the time this happened I never thought anything of it and did not think of her at all until around 30 minutes later when out the clear blue I felt like I got punched in the stomach. I was driving home reaching for my phone to make dinner arrangements and all of a sudden a thought popped in my head and I felt like we were very deeply in love and she feels the same and we were soulmates.
I hope I am not going crazy but it has been 2 months since this and I still feel the same way. I have not confronted her as she is about half my age and I am married. I even ended up telling my wife as I was feeling really guilty like I did something wrong. I never believed in spirits or reincarnation or after life or soul mates, but my wife kinda did and she was not really upset but I am looking for another doctor so I do not have to see her again, as much as I want to I can not and it is tearing me apart.
So everything I thought in the past like there is no God or angles I am now reconsidering. I always said if someone believes in a god or anything show them to me and I will see for myself. Now I am just really confused and sick as I feel that I miss her even though I do not even know her.
I wish I had a better ending but I guess this is a far as it goes.
aspenbear1 aspenbear1
41-45, M
Dec 14, 2012