My Cold Ex I Miss Her So... After 6 Yrs

Ok i met my first love when i was 16 she was very beautiful and sweet.. gosh i miss her and think of her everyday. Ok we were a perfect match very happy together, her best friend since childhood was my bestfriends girlfriend so it worked out great we went everywhere together as a double date it was great... After a couple years go by her best friend started to show that she didnt seem to like me very much... Before i continue i will call her best friend jane so you do not get confused on who i am talki g about... Well jane started to show hateful feelings towrards me.. I asked her boyfriend who i will call john which was my bestfriend said that she liked me and there were no hateful feelings torward me ... Ok i did not believe this but dealt with it by not saying anything or acting any different as the years go by of me and my love going on double dates with jane and john it was awesome after all it was great because me and my girl got to be with our bestfriends at the same time spend time with each other ..... One day i wake up get ready for work give my girl a kiss while she is laying in bed and say i love you and will see you when i get off .... When i got. Home i said " babe im home give me some love" which meant a hug and a kiss...well she didnt kiss me and said we need to talk ..... I said ok whats wrong and she said she wanted a break with me .... I instantly felt sad and hurt and confused i loved her and thought we were going to be together forever.... I begged her to work it out with me i mean i was with her my whole teenage life and was scared to be alone because i only had one friend (john) who was with jane and jane was my girls best friend. Anyway i packed all my things and went to my parents then called john and told him about what had happened and he said that sucks man how are we going to hang out now i cant do anything with out jane and your girl will be hanging out with jane ...... Basically john had to turn his back on me because his girl (jane) was going to continue hanging out with my girl and that sucks because my girl didnt want me around so i had no one to talk to or spend time with..... A month goes by and i called her and she seemed to act like i was a stranger and didnt care to ask how i was doing or anything of that nature which really cut me like knife! ... I cried every day for atleast a year .. So a year goes by and i havent heard from john or jane or my girl ... So one day in october my girl called me i was so excited thinking she was coming back to me boy was i wrong .... She said hello and asked how i was doing ... I said great even better now that you are calling me .... I asked her if she had a bf she said no but she was pregnant i said wow by who and she said john ... I hung up and was pissed and confused.....i called her back and apoligized for hanging up but i thanked her for making it easier on me to forget about her and jane and john..... jane and john stayed together the whole time and already had two kids by the time my girl got pregnant by john .... I thought to my self hahaha that is what jane gets for trying to get my girl to break up with me lol.... Well any way jane and my girl are not friends anymore because my girl got pregnant by john lol.... I cant believe jane stayed with him during this.. Any way my girl had the baby and got pregnant by john again lol and jane still stayed with him...... 4 years go by and christmas came and i called my girl to see how she was doing even though she had two kids by my bestfriend and by her bestfriends bf.. And she didnt answer i left a message and said merry christmas to her parents and her and not to call me back because i didnt want my new girlfriend who i have kids with now to know ... Well anyway she called me back and i didnt answer so i called back and she didnt answer so i figured that wow she is a cold hearted ***** after all the years and all the things we went through and i still thought about her everyday and only wanted the best for her and the only reason that she called me back was to ruin what i had with my new girlfriend who ive been with for 3 years and have kids with .... Wow just wow that is the only reason she called me back was to ruin me and my family...... What did i do so wrong why does she hate me lol .... In the end im happy and she is stuck at her parents house with two kids by her best friends bf and he never comes to them cause jane wont let him lol that is what they all get for turning their backs on me ....
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Jan 8, 2013