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My family has major heath problems during 2003 to 2008. Root causes for these health problems are because of my new-born son did not have required sleep in the night. We spent every night without needed rest. My son cannot be able to sleep because he has some digestion problem and also vomits frequently. Due to prolong sleeplessness, my wife has developed giddiness. I visited every doctor referred by my friends and relatives: I consulted some five MDs (Doctor of Medicine), two ENTs (Ear, Nose and Throat doctor), two eye specialists, two nerve specialists and many more. They suggested everything from x-ray to MRI, we took everything's without any use, and nothing is diagnosed, so no effective treatment. Finally, I decided not to go behind any more doctors; I start searching the net to find a proper treatment. I start researching her symptoms and with the knowledge, I have gained through by reading many health articles in the net. I conclude that she has some problem with her liver and having sleep apnea (sleep disorder). Modern medicine has no proper treatment for sleep apnea, so decided to research for an alternative medicine.

I came to know that homeopathy is a nanotechnology that uses very low level medicine to treat the disorder based on the symptoms and other body conditions. I had chosen a remedy (medicine) from homeopathy, but my first choice did not produce expected results. Thus, I do further research on homeopathy remedies and chosen another remedy, which produces major relief, and now she is ok.

Due to sleeplessness, I do have affected with frequent heavy head ache (migraine), for the relief from the head ache; I habitually use painkillers without any relief. Then I decided to go for homeopathic medicine in the same time I was also diagnosed as high blood pressure. I find a suitable remedy, and now I have the headache very rarely that too relieved immediately after having painkiller. Presently, my blood pressure is normalized by acupressure and homeopathy.

My son has low immunity due to sleeplessness and digestion problem. He frequently got cold and it gets cured only after having antibiotics. So I decided to increase his immunity and searched the web for a solution. I found some natural herbs, which are beneficial in increasing the immunity. I got those herbs and process it so that it is easily consumed by my son. After few dosages, his immunity increased, and now he is rarely affected by cold. And even if he got cold, it is cured without antibiotics and only with homeopathic remedy.

On seeing and enjoying these amazing benefits of alternative medicines, I decided to spread it so that many people should get benefited.  So I decided to become an author for a website, that how born.

I wish you all have healthy life with amazing alternative medicine treatments.
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if she is over weight it may cause her sleep apena...... .if it is the reason then all she has to do is lose the weight.................