JUST Say Thank You!!!

  I have a friend that has been in the military for about 20 years.  She says I was the first person to thank her for her service.  Since then, a few other mutual friends have done it.  (Vainly, perhaps, I believe it was because they were told that I did it!)

Over 20 years of service, 2 tours of duty in a foreign land- 1 of those on the front lines mind you- and no one says thank you??

My friend doesn't always agree with our government.  She would consider herself a patriot, but she doesn't necessarily agree with us being in Iraq.  She went though.  She endured both the blistering and sub-freezing desert temperatures, the bugs, bad food, little to no ammo, no comforts of home, not to mention being shot at!  Many of our soldiers left their spouses and children behind; some did not return.

They did this so that my family, and your family, and everyone else's family in this spoiled rotten country could continue to call themselves free.  They did it because our government directed them to, not through their own personal choice.  Perhaps they didn't agree with the war, either.  But they went. 

And no one says thank you. 

I hear this, and I alternate between deep sadness and great rage. 

Please, think about it.  All it takes is a few moments and some consideration.  The next time you see one of our service men or women-- just walk up to them, preferably shake their hand, look them in the eye:

Thank you to all the soldiers, past and present, who have made it possible for me to live in this country, where "they" don't always get it right- but my kids have the opportunity for education, I can choose what church I attend (or abstain entirely) without fear, I can vote for whomever I want (or abstain entirely)  WITHOUT FEAR. 


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1 Response Feb 17, 2009

I have always said thank you because i understand 100 their sacrifice. My ex actually gets told thank you alot around friends and family. You wouldnt know he was a Marine unless he is going to work other than that doesnt sport the attire or anything. He has been in for over 15 now. He is actually dating now a fellow lady marine.