What's Up With My Great Dane?

Raven (because she's all black) is a WONDERFUL pet. She's very obedient, and basically obeys every 'command'. She's an angel on the leash when we walk in the village, but off the leash, she's a total monster-child!

When we're running in the forest and she's off leash, she takes off like a greyhound, and when I call her, she always comes back( Sometimes after a few minutes)... But I'm always afraid that she's running circles around other people and terrifying them with her size when she's away.

She's extremely gentle, but REALLY puppy-excitable, especially around kids and other dogs. She weighs 90lbs.. just short of what I weigh, and even on the leash, she's tried to drag me, especially when she sees other dogs that she knows.

I'm almost 'Hitlarian' with her most times, so she's generally a 'good girl'...but man, when she wants to go, I'm a total passenger!

I strongly suspect that this behaviour is a result of us being alone together all the time, having a small yard where she can do her 'excratory thing', and being in a secluded, heavily-treed area,where she doesn't see anyone but our neighbours and an occasional person walking down the road.

I've never had a Great Dane before.... but I suppose that this is 'normal' behaviour for any dog that's cooped up. Any ideas,other than 'doggy training classes', which I can't afford?
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Its a young dog, it will act like a young dog. But my advice is to see if u can get instruction videos over the net produced by that guy Caesar who had his own dog whisperer show on tv. He could show you what to do to calm the Raven down and act more maturely.

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Two words:<br />
Cesar Millan (the Dog Whisperer) if you can get your hands on dvds by him you will be amazed , this i can promise !

That's funny! Raven is normally a very good girl... even in the woods. I think that it's just becdause she's a puppy,, and just can't control herself cometimes....But generally, she's extremely obedient.<br />
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I HAD to get control of her when she was tiny...because she's going to bigger than she is now! She's just someimtes 'forgets' her training!

We trained our labs with command words and gestures so, if I called out to them: COME and put my hand on my chest, he knew he had to come back to me, or if I put my arm up high and said SIT he would sit and freeze there until I let him go. But that is what leashes are for right? to contain them. Recently I was walking my friend's pets and they pulled on the leashes and took off running and I secretly enjoyed watching them run so fast and with such a sense of freedom....I think they knew it too because once in a while, they would turn their heads and look back lol.