Feel Sad...

Sometimes, I feel like I had all the luck. As a woman you can dress in anything....including men's stuff... jeans, boots shirts, anything... Guys have it so rotten....
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I agree ;-)

Well, uh, it's not my thing, but I know two guys that dress in women's clothing.

Ladies also usually get a pass on being nude in public.

"usually" no one complains....

I would love to see you in only men's long boot and completely nude.

long boots?

Petticoat Me..

only if your cute!

If You Are Near Charlotte Tonight I CouldShow You! :)

Yeah! LOL

Actually, I've incorporated some women's clothing into my every day wardrobe, even for work, although I keep it fairly subtle. Mostly the androgynous side of the women's rack. With a beard, most folks don't give it a thought, although I now that some more astute folks occasionally notice. Truly, the entire bi-gender thing is such a crock, even if we accept it as a society.

There are definitely double standards for men and women Janie (which I guess follows into many other areas of gender too). Quite why there is still such a stigma about a guy wanting to dress in women's clothes, I don't know. Until that changes, private and under-dressing it will be :)

so cute

I do believe there is lots of guys that would wear womens clothes sometimes just like girls wear mens clothes if it were more acceptable. Me I am a cross dresser so I do my part in letting people see me wear girls clothes but it is not easy.

I can only imagine!

Its a bit more awkward for those of us with breasts too

I wish I had that problem......

Guys who wear tights or leggings scare other guys off....Women mostly ignore them or its nbd, but the message to other guys goes out.... dress like we expect you to dress!

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we can dress in mens or womens clothing--it is not really so rotten

okay depends on how you see it

Fabulous sweetie

Women can wear anything trouser suits, jeans, skirts, long dresses, short dresses, party dresses, silk lingerie or mens cotton, they have the whole range of clothes womens and mens.

Your right, but if us guys push the limit, we can transpose into a girl and wear everything too.

LOL, yes, men's clothing is boring, clothing for hetero men anyway. It's all about showing power through utility. Now gay men's fashions and the lady's stuff TVs enjoy.... : )

I totally agree with you! Mens' clothes are boring. I like women's clothes much better because I can wear a variety of colors, fabrics and textures. Men's clothes tend to be rough in texture and are drab colors. I love to dress in tight, slutty and hot womens' clothes. Since I've been on herbal estrogen for over a year, I don't even need to wear nylons and slutty micro minis. I've come to really enjoy supertight coated shiny leatherlike skinny legging denim in all colors paired with a sheer silk shirt, a leather jacket, and sky high platforms. Thank you for all your stories! XXXOOO, muffi


I don't think I ever really Got turned on. If I did it would have been when I was young. The male clothing is all gone. All I have is female clothes. I have been full time since the last part of 2007. By the way, you don't have to be perfectly made up in order to go out in public. I seldom wear a lot of makeup, and, no one calls me sir it's always ma'am or Ms. It is best to just be yourself. Most people will accept what you present.

you're right, we do have it rotten! We can have fun dressing up in private, but unless you're really good with make up and such, it's hard to go out in public dressed up. I do, however, love to wear women's jeans out once in a while, as long as i don't expect to run into anyone i know from work....

and what if???

if i did, well, i'd be embarrassed if they realized they were women's jeans, but half the time, these people wouldn't know it unless i unzipped and showed them my panties too!

I think you are probably right... most people wouldn't notice, or think much of it if they did.

I've only worn women's jeans for over a year and no one's the wiser. If I'm feeling confident, I even wear my more obvious hott jeans like my shiny coated black elephant bells and shiny coated skinnies in bright colors. So long as you rock the look and choose your setting somewhat carefully, no one will challenge you. Often, gg's are supportive!

being caught in womens clothing is only awkward the first time. Its when a women looks at me and says yes maam that i have a problem

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You will never know the pleasure us trannies get out of wearing girl's clothing

Can't agree more...

oh well....

how is rotten if we can see people like you leading the way


That is so wonderful of you. I too wish that fashion would be equal. Women's clothing is so much more comfortable and cute and so many more options. Men's clothing is just plain boring.

well, men can always change that... and do!

this is true! girls are great to look at so I'm glad I'm a guy