They should be allowed to wear what they feel comfortable in, if a young boy likes wearing silky panties and a half slip under his Sisters skirt let them experiment and do not judge.
Boys like to try different things, let them.
Who made the gender rules on what to wear.
Women wear trousers and have done since the mid 1960's are trousers not male clothes are these women cross-dressers, they get away with it and no one says anything about it.

In a Scottish Court in 1968 a judge fined a woman juror for wearing trousers in Court, the Judge stated that this women was pushing her dress sense to far in the Scottish Court System.

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Great perspective. Growing up would have been far easier if I could have worn skirts and slips at times and felt natural doing so.

well times are changing quickly, maybe in a few more years boys can

Fabulous sweetie

that was 1968; today we'd probably laugh at the same judge...

Yes not so long there in france there was still law that band on pants for us women until 2003, although not forced the law was still there.

The most recent attempt to do away with the out-of-touch rule came in 2003, when a right-wing member of Parliament from President Nicolas Sarkozy's party wrote to the minister in charge of gender equality, Samuel reported.

The US still has a lot of stupid rules on the books, but they mostly aren't enforced. Where I live sodomy (whatever that is) is still punishable with prison, and public nudity can be interpreted as either a misdemeanor, but sometimes as a felony crime!!! Too bad we never strike our old laws, too...

and a whole lot of other things...

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I fully agree, and I have been trying to find out who decided that males were not supposed to wear dresses and skirts, etc. It just does not make any sense to me that males are supposed to wear boring clothes that come in blue, brown, gray and black and nothing else. All shirts and slacks basically look the same, so totally boring. Guys want to dress cute too.

and tuxedo are worst that make the guy look like a bunch of peguins, All black with a with shirt, all you need is he middle part rounded at the end. I certain don't envy you guys for the clothing you have to where.

Obviously, in the ancient days men did wear them, too.

True, they did. So who was the person who determined that male clothing should be colorless and boring. That is one piece of history I would love to have changed.

Good story and I liked the trouser comment about a women in a Scottish Court.