Shocked By A Stranger

The school holidays had just started.My self and my sisters
Were getting ready to go to our granny's in the country.
My two sisters were older than me.I was just twelve and my sisters were sixteen and seventeen,
We packed all our stuff and mom drove us to the station.
Mom was a cool thirty eight year old piece of eye candy for
Men.Blond tall slim with a lovely small chest.She always wore skirts or. Dresses which left very little to the imagination ....she also insisted my sisters were dressed to stand out from the crowd.
Today they were dressed in matching red short flip skirts white top's black stockings red heels and red bags.
When we got to the station I quickly emerged from the car
So I would get an eye full of their knickers .
Some sight as their legs parted enough to display lovely
White lacy panties and the flesh between their stocking top's wow!an instant bone...Mom then opened the back to retrieve the luggage. Man alive when she leaned in to get a case out her white pleated skirt rode up and my bone stood up at the sight of the red silk panty and white suspender belt she had a pink lacy slip on as well......I was now super hard and worried I'd erupt right there.
We were ushered into the station where mom gave my sisters instructions how to deal with me if I gave them any trouble .
After our goodbyes and me getting another panty show as my sisters reached up to kiss mom.
We boarded the train and settled down.Well we settled but my bone didn't as my sisters done noting to hide their wares.
Not long into the journey I got restless and aggravate my sisters.they got really mad with me and threatened to spank me if I didn't behave.Things were quit for a while as I sulked .then I started carrying on this time the girls were seething with anger just wanting yo read their girly magazines.
It was then I heard a lady sitting across from us say it looks like you'll have to carry out your threat I froze.
Please I said I'm sorry late my older sister said you have upset this lady so you deserve what your going to get.Have you spanked him before? The lady asked.yes my sister answered but why do you ask? I was going to suggest I might help out if you had no experiance .
What a great idea my sister said I've all summer to spank him.Now I was in panic sister going to hand me over to a stranger for a public spanking. Oh.god I pleaded.....
Please.....pleases.....pleassssse....I'm sorry.
Get over here my lad the lady said swinging out of the seat so her legs were in the passage. The sight of her legs had me rising again and a flash of panty ..Mortified that's what I was..I stood up with tears starting and an erection that I was trying to hide but not for long as she told me to get my trousers down .She then got her bag and to my horror took out a leather strap.When she looked up and seen my throbbing member she gasped.My god have you no control Well Ill help you with that . Over here she said patting her knee she had pulled her skirt right up so the tops of her stockings were showing..shaking and pleading I bent over my erection going between her thighs.
The people in the carriage cheered,you'd better not mess my stockings with your cream young man she said.
That leather connected twelve times and god I thought I'd die after this i was howling and dancing up and down and I had the whole as an audience ....mortified humiliated humbled .Every thing rolled into one ..Then she announced I had indeed creamed her stockings and would be getting four on each hand for that... She gave my sisters the leather and told them to give two on each hand
Each sister. Pleading now was. No good I was. That sore I. Was speechless ....I then had to thank her and promise to behave in future..I also had to thank my sisters who were sitting back giggling and whispering .
My younger sister was Fiona the older one was Susan .
The lady said her name was Aoife . My name was michael.
Fiona had one heel on the seat showing her very moist panties to my tear stained eyes .i was hard was then Aoife said here young man clean this mess up.
I was confused now and I looked at her blank.
She then pointed to her stockings and my come I said how?
.with your tongue fool she said I was horrified I'd never done anything like that...get to it now or you'll be back over for another good slapping she said.i went down on my knees and put my head between her thighs my tongue out almost gagging at the thought.
Then I tasted come for the first time not that bad she said suck it out there I was sucking the stocking away from her leg.when I had cleaned it all up I started pulling my head away but she grabbed my hair and pulled me in close my panties need cleaning as well she said .Suck them dry
Yum I was beginning to like this ..they were soaked she must have got off spanking me.Susan then piped you can do mine next.i had tears in my eyes my bum and hands and here I was licking Pusey ...after a good five minuets Aoife Said you better finish Susan is waiting then Fiona said and me oh god this was heaven and hell I was mortified all the people on the train ..watching
Anyway when I satisfied Susan and Fiona I was told to sit and behave.
The three girls then started discussing my behaviour and Aoife told them they should dress me for the summer as a girl.That she explained was the most effective way of punishing and subduing teen boys
I was still sobbing and sniffling while listening to this in horror.
Susan and Fiona thought it was a great idea and said they would do it.
Aoife said have you any thing suitable with you.What now ?Fiona said....yes now said Aoife ....Susan said I'm sure some of mine or Fiona's things would fit him..
Right said Aoife get your bag and me and Fiona will get him ready.
Susan got Fiona's tennis dress out which was short on Fiona as Michael was taller yes it was going to take effect all right....with this she had a pink frilly Slip red ruffled panties and bra. Shocking pink heels and baby pink knee socks with. White ribbon tops..
They ******** and dressed him in no time with the aid of a few slaps on the back of his legs.....
Aoife said isent he just adorable....Susan and Fiona said divine the three of them went all girly girl over him...
He was speechless .mortified...crying his eyes out....he's such a lovely sissy they said go walk down the train and back so we can admire you.
I had to walk up and down the train displaying my panties
The bra was also showing over the top of the dress when I came back i asked why I had the bra I had no **** they said sissy's don't have **** but they like to think they have so you need a bra..
They seemed satisfied and sat down again telling me to stand and watch their movements so I would know how to
To be girly Fiona and Susan both had a heel up on the seat so their knickers with wet patches were displayed
That resulted in me getting an erection which Aoife said ment I liked dressing up my panties were bulging so Aoife
Reached out and pulled the top of them down put her other hand around my throbbing **** and ooooo.....ooh...
Toooooo.much ah...ah....maybe he wanted more she said as I spurted gobs of creamy *** onto the table when I finished pumping she lowered her head and enveloped my shaft in her mouth cleaning it thoroughly and sucking it dry
While my sisters were feeling each others pusseys when Aoife put her mouth on my **** my sisters jerked wraped their arms round each other and orgasmed Aoife watching them went ridged and moaned while still holding my ****
Aoife had her legs parted her skirt right up I could see the soaked panties
After that Susan went and got coffees and waited to reach our station
I was still in shock crying being a real sissy what would granny say .....noting I could do
We arrived at our station and got a taxi out to granny's
The taxi man said very few sissy's round here you watch out lad I was really humiliated and dreading granny's reaction
Aoife decided to meet granny as she lived nearby so we arrived first granny was shocked but then broke into a big smile an said your two brats of cousins are here and I was wondering how to control them .....they told me to go in the front room remove my panties and wait for a proper spanking while Aoife Susan Fiona and granny discussed my errant cousins fate
I don't know what's going to happen but ill let you know....
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