*** For Tat Part One

The next 22 days are going to be filled with speculation. On his part, I mean.  I know what he looks like, for he was kind enough to share a photo.  Three, actually.  And then he cammed for me, and although he focused the lens more at his **** than his face, I'm reasonably confident that it's the same guy.

He's nice looking.  Really nice looking.  Not that this should be the most important factor in deciding whether to have an affair with a man, but it is a factor.  When one is riding a fellow's ****, looking down upon his dear face, there should be some element of physical appeal.  Even if a woman merely presents her backside, offering two doggystyle entry points, she might look back now and again or glimpse his visage in a nearby mirror, and the sight should be pleasing.

I know he's fun and thoughtful and that we share the same kinks.  So those parts of the checklist have been completed.  What remains for me is his taste.  Will he taste good?  Scientists claim this is an important thing that people assess when choosing a mate.  That and smell.  I can't fathom I'll have any complaints, but you never know.

He has a checklist with very few boxes ticked off.  I am the JD Salinger of sex chat, reclusive and camera shy.  The poor man is clueless about my appearance, and it's driving him a little nuts.  We've spent countless hours together online, chatting and bringing each other to climax.  We've done a bit of it on the phone as well.  But I'm a disembodied voice, a dirty mind that appears to him as words on his laptop.  So when I asked him if he'd cam for me again, he did something he's not done before.

He demanded a quid pro quo.  He'd stroke for me if I shared a picture. 

So I shared.  What ensued prompted a response from him that made me smile.  Widely.
‪Him‬: omg
sooo ******* hot
milkynips milkynips
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Jan 7, 2013