*** For Tat Part Two (Complete With Photos!)

He wanted it, and he got it. But it's important to note that I am a word nerd, one who parses sentences and examines them with a pair of magnifying glasses from the Dollar Store in order to find the meaning and use it to my advantage.  At least, I do that sometimes.

When he asked for a picture, we both knew what he meant, but it was not the sort I sent.  Let me be clear, though; he wasn't asking for a nude shot.  He's not provided one to me, though he did give me a lovely front row seat at his cam show, stroking slowly so I could admire the goods.  Like many men, he is proud of his body, particularly the rockhard part which rests betwixt his thighs, and he likes to provide demonstrations of its ejaculatory feats of derring-do.  I certainly love watching said demonstrations.  And I never tire of repeat performances.

I'm not sure he'll be ******* for me on cam again before we meet in person, though.  His request for a *** for tat exchange - my head shot for his cam show - will go unsatisfied.  I'll content myself with watching other gentlemen in the meantime, dreaming of the day when I might get to see him stroke in person. 

Our chat was fun, though.  He made me giggle with his reply to my picture.  His good natured response means the world to me, a bashful suburban matron who wants to jump his bones and ride him hard.

‪Him‬: you came well this morning?
me‬: I sure did, love
Him‬: a good intense ***?
me‬: It was wonderful.
YOU were wonderful. 
I really love our play.

Him‬: you were wonderful as well
I do love to make you ***

me‬: well, dear man...
the feeling is mutual

Him‬: good
me‬: I only wish I could have watched 
I do love a fountain

Him‬: I will trade you a watch for a picture!

me‬: quid pro quo, eh?
Him‬: exactly my love
me‬: so I'm to be denied sight of my lover for a fortnight and a half? 

Him‬: a large slick ****
pumped slowly
for a simple picture
seems like a fair trade
hell I am hard now thinking of showing off

me‬: you exhibitionist 
you will be my **** star

‪Him‬: a born nudist
‪me‬: here is your picture:
Him‬: omg
sooo ******* hot

‪me‬: bahahaha
you better pump for me soon, stud
I kept my part of the bargain
you said a picture
I shared a picture
let the splooge flow

Him‬: you are quite naughty
me‬: that's me
wicked to the core
want to drill a test sample?
* facepalm *
did I really just say that?

‪Him‬: here is your **** love

me‬: That looks like a hen to me
Him‬: no google says it is a white ****
‪me‬: it is not the white **** I've dreamt of
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3 Responses Jan 7, 2013

I do love the onomatopoetic nature of the word....splooge.

It's a good 'un!

Take a look at this magnificent pair of ****!


I want to be one of the guys you cam with in the meantime...