I decided to leave my mom house to go eat at grandmas where i live. So when i get back to grandma she ask me about the neighbor next door he said something i shouldnt told her bec her and grandpa were mad at him. But i told them that mom was taking my son to the park and i said my time with him was ok. The court say i can only spend time with my son once a week so i spend it with him as much as i can. But grandpa thinks i need to see him more but i follow the rules and laws he got mad and grab both of my wrist and started shaking me and it hurt. I told him i was goin to call the police on him bec he did that he touch me. Nobody suppose to touch me like that i was in abusive relationship not anymore and i dont want to be ever again. i said i was living he start coming after me again so i left. i went for long walk.
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May 23, 2012