My Physical Exam

I 'm 18 yrs old male and i have some urology problems . i see my urologist every 3mos . i hate it after what seems like forever my name is called and the triage nurse weights me check all my vitals including my temperture in ear then you take in to the exam room and wait again for the doctor.when he comes in  its same routine first take off my shirt and then my trousers i sit their in nothing but my diaper as he asks if any thing changed if still wet the bed nighty if i still have daytime accidents and then he asks if i'm wet now .and the fun part i think it's more fun for him as he asks me to take off my diaper he first examines my penis then my testys now the part i hate i'm told to lay on my side and he takes my temperture again except this time its rectal and it's the rectal exam it self and those of you that had it done knows how uncomfotable that is.this exam has been done with my mother in the room he most always ends the exam with watching me pee in a device that measures the flow rate and presure i realy think hes gay on other thing is now some times i have bowle accident and he insits on changing and cleaning me .he make so uncomfortable and i'm bisexual i've tried to talk to my parnets about but they its me any until next year when i come off their insurance i'm stuck. 
18-21, M
1 Response Jun 13, 2010

I hate being screwed about by medics too - Hope you're clear of them by now!!!