Naked Examination In Elementary School

When I was in 5th grade, this was back in 1968 in Los Angeles, I had my first experience with being naked in front of other people. Our grade school, was having all of the students in to have physical examinations. No big deal, I had had my throat and ears checked before, little did I realize, this was going to be a very different exam.

I remember being called into the nurses office. They would call us in, in groups of three. I don't remember if they did all the girls one day, and the the boys the next, but we were separate boys from girls, but always in groups of three. When we got to the nurse's office we were all three together, led into the inside office, and we were instructed to remove our clothes. All of us went down to our briefs without to much problem.

Let me say this, I have always been somewhat fat, so as a 10 year boy, I probably had larger breasts than any girl my age, so maybe I was a little more self conscious than the others. I also suffer from having a small penis, fully erect now as a an adult male, I measure out to 3 3/4 inches, so at 10 years old, I was very small indeed. But I digress.

There we are in the nurse's office the three of us seated on a small couch, wearing nothing but our underwear. The nurse comes back in and tells us, we need to take ALL of our clothes off, including our shorts. Now I am really anxious, but we are 10 year old kids in 1968, and an adult at school is instructing us to do something, so we all take off our shorts, and sit back down trying not to look at one another.

The doctor, and nurse both come in to the examination room. Male doctor, female nurse. The doctor calls each of us over one at a time. He checks our ears, nose, throat, all the usual stuff, except now, each of us is standing there naked in front of not only these two adults, but also two other kids from our class! The doctor checks our heart, and then something I have never been asked to do, he wants to get our hearts beating faster, he has a small step there in the office, and he asks each of us to step up and down on this step for 30 seconds, so he'll be able to listen to our heart beating faster. Needless to say, me being fat, everything jiggled! Must have been quite a show for my friends! This however is not the end, now he wants to check our "development", so he starts the scrotum check. He makes a comment to me how it just SEEMS like my penis is small, because I am so FAT. He assures me that my penis will grow to a normal size as I develop and lose weight. As he is feeling around for my testes, he mentions that it seems as if though only one of my testes has "dropped", as he can not feel the other one. I assure him that I have felt the second one in my scrotum. After a little more digging he says, oh yes, there it is, but it does feel a little smaller than the other one. So now my two classmates know that I have breasts like a girl, an underdeveloped penis and that one of my testicles is smaller than the other. Thank You doctor!

I really do not remember getting dressed and going back to class. I do not even remember which of my classmates were with me that day. I do know that this experience pretty much has effected me from that day forward. Ever the fat kid with the tiny ****! It is no wonder that into my adulthood I have been fascinated by SPH. I don't really like the stories of mean SPH, but I look for others like myself who have been scarred, and have been strangely titillated by the experience. This is my story, what is yours?
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The late 1950's were no better since the newly formed 'President's Council on Physical Fitness' scrutinized our bodies. Us girls faired no better, since at ten we possessed non- developed bodies. We were done singly, not in groups. "Just take off everything you're wearing," our school's nurse would say. Slightly panicky, I'd gasp out, " not my panties and socks too...??"
"Sorry, Donna, Yes...I said everything, didn't I?" The nurse smiled because she knew the floor was cold...I still remember that barefoot feeling on that tiled floor. The stethescope went from my collar bone downward to below my belly button, same in back. Such were my memories. There's much more of course

These days people freak out if any type of nudity is involved with anyone under 18. If a group exam was performed like that some parents would call the cops and the school would be all over the news.

In the late 60s and early 70s when I was growing up it was much different. Every year we had exams at school like the one the OP posted for those who couldn't afford doctor exams, which we couldn't. Four of five of us at a time would march into the nurse's office. The doctor would be sitting on a stool waiting for us. The school nurse -- who was a friend of my mom's(!) -- would instruct us to remove all our clothes while she stood there.

Once naked, the nurse would check our temperatures -- orally thankfully -- and other vital stats. Then we'd step up to the doctor one at a time so he could examine all of us, including our testicles. The first time I went through this (3rd grade) I as freaked out and embarrassed. But as the years went on I got used to it.

When football started in 6th grade they'd hold physicals in the locker room. A line of us would ***** naked while a doctor rolled down the line on a stool checking us for hernias. I remember one time a guy got an erection and the coach yelled at him. lol . Of course in those days we all took showers in open areas and basically walked the locker room naked anyway so it was no big deal.

I remember those days at Los Angeles Schools. Two weeks after starting Junior High, we were given notices to take home. We were to have a physical exam at school.
Parents needed to sign and return permission slips.

On the day of the exam, it was conducted during our P.E.
class. We were instructed to *****, wear only our gym shorts. No shoes or socks and no underwear.

We go upstairs to the gym, told to stand in one of five lines. As we approach the front of the line, we are told to remove our shorts. So we are 3 from the front and totally bare.

When my turn comes up, I move up to the scale, get weighted, height measured. Next I stand in front of the doctor sitting on a stool. He checks my heart, lungs.

Turn around, he checks my backside, I bend over and he checks my anus. Turn to face him, now he checks the testicles, penis and hernia check. Done.

With shorts in hand we go down to the locker room and take our shower, dry off and get dressed.

Fastest physical I ever had.

Well yes I was at school too in them days and a man had us ***** completly bare every month to examine us down below and measure length of our organs and everything else, I hated it once I run home in just pants when the examining room door opened and I see a nude friend being touch in his private area, I hated being nude but love it now and often search for others that were delt with like this.

<p>I had a similar experience. In the early 70's I attended a small grade school near Chicago. As there were only about 250 students in grades k-6 we did not have a school nurse or a nurse's office. Once a year the district would send a nurse ( a different one every year, but always female) to examine all the students for scoliosis. The exams were always done in the school main office the adjoining principals office. The girls would go in the morning and the boys in the afternoon. We would be sent down in groups of 4 to the office where the school secretary would have us boys remove our shirts , shoes, socks and belts. We would step on the scale and be measured and then sent to line by the principals office. The nurse would check each boys posture then have them unbutton their pants bend over and touch their toes while she slowly slid her hand from the neck to the tail bone as the boys in line looked on .The principal would bet sitting at her desk recording what the nurse said. My 6th grade year was different. The schedule was running behind and was rushed as it was near the end of the school day. When I got to the office I saw 6 for my classmates in just their underpants standing in line and one on the scale . The school secretary told us to remove everything but underpants and line up to be weighed and measured. I felt embarrassed but we all did as we were told. As I was slow getting undressed I was last in line for the scale standing in the open doorway in just my tightey whiteys. The nurse called the secretary into the principals office for something and everything stopped for a few minutes that seemed to take forever. As I was standing in the door my music teacher came round the corner ad actually walked in to the office with a cheery good afternoon boys. She got something form the secretary and left. I was finally weighed and measured and sent to the other line . The scoliosis exam seemed similar as prior years but was taking longer. I watched my classmate through the open door. He walked a few steps each way for the nurse, stood in front of her , turned around facing us with his back to the nurse and slowly bent over. As the nurse slid her hand down his back it looked like she slid his underpants down , I could not tell, but the next classmates were as when he stood up his tiny hairless penis was visible to us as he yanked up his briefs. The next student stayed down to cover himself first. My turn came and the nurse quickly slid her hand down my back and only slightly in to my briefs between my cheeks, thinking I was done I stood up but the nurse pushed me back down and pulled my briefs to my knees. The thought of the principal seeing my bare bottom made me nervous and my briefs slipped to my ankles making me trip forward. I tried to catch myself I stepped out of them . I quickly got up , now bare and giving the secretary and the last boys in line a view of my penis . Without thinking I turned around showing the principal and nurse a view as well. I picked up my briefs and got dressed as fast as possible</p>

My grade and junior physicals were at the doctor's office. He had a female nurse, maybe 30, who was always present. She first had me in an exam room and told me to undress.
She left and returned in 3 or 4 minutes, checked that I was undressed totally, and had me get up off my chair and hop on the exam table. I saw that she glanced at my little penis.
Then she had me turn over on all 4s and pushed a thermometer in my bottom. Her reflection in a glass window let me see she was staring right at my hanging equipment.
--And smiling! Pretty soon she took out the thermometer and told me to sit on the edge of the exam table again. She made notes at the desk, got up, took another look at me and left, returning with the doctor. During his exam, which included my penis and backside, I caught the nurse again ogling my privates.
Really embarrassing!!

Wow! I'm in the 5th grade. I've never had a physical. I wonder if I'll have to do that, this year.

I dunno. I've read a couple of stories on here that describes recent physicals, like within the last few years.

These days people freak out if any type of nudity is involved under 18. In the late 60s and early 70s when I was growing up it was much different.

how your classmate act when they know you have a small penis and a bigger breast and your testicles is smaller than the other

I had a similar experience in an LA area school during 2nd grade. The girls and boys were separated, it may have been in groups of 3 also, then we ******** down to our briefs. It was a female doctor performing the physicals. We were called in one by one for our physicals, which started out fine. After the typical eyes, ears, nose and throat, she proceeded to pull my shorts down past my knees, then gave my penis a firm squeeze. I was in shock. Afterward, all the other boys told similar stories. It was not long after that experience, I found that I really enjoyed others touching my penis.

Do you have a female doctor attend you now as an adult male? As I mentioned in my story, I now seem to be both fascinated and titilated by SPH. It embarrases me and excites me to have a female doctor view and examnine my vey small penis.

Early experiences when adults do not honor the feelings and person-hood of young people can last a long time. When a boy of 12 I was in hospital for urgent surgery and two nurses washed me down, totally nude, on a table in a prep. room just outside the O.R. Others had seen me naked during exams, which I did not like, but these two were in a hurry, washed me from head to penis to hinie hole to toes. It was embarrassing but a bit exciting, too, and my little weenie rose at the stimulation, which embarrassed me. It should have embarrassed the nurses, who both saw it, for they were young adults and must have known they were responsible for it. I caught a quick smile as one turned away for another cloth, and then again as she dried me and applied a cold (probably alcohol) wet cloth to my abdomen and upper thighs--an everything in between. A female doctor was the surrgeon in the O.R. and before I was put to sleep, the sheet came off and she also saw me naked from mid chest to toes. In hindsight, the memory is erotic. At the time it was a bit scary, a bit wonderment and a bit angry that these women could just manipulate me and my little manhood as they saw fit. We are all people and we all ought to be respected as people--not objects.