When I Was 14

When I was 14 and going into high school I needed a physical. My mom took me to our pediatrician. She was an older heavy-set woman with a thick German accent. I have been seeing her since I could remember. We had to wait in the waiting room, which was very crowded. I noticed there were 2 girls that I knew since grade school sitting there, with an open seat next to them. So, I sat next to them to shoot the breeze (I have always had a crush since about the third grade on one of them). We chatted for a while when my name was called by the nurse.

The office was a converted old house with small rooms off what used to be the living room they used for the waiting room. The examining room the nurse led me to was right off the waiting room, not down the hall like the rest. My mother always went into the examining room with me when I was younger. The nurse told me to take off all my clothes and put on a gown with the opening in the back. I asked my mother to leave and she didn’t want to. I told her I was old enough to do this without here in there. We argued a little bit while I was taking my shirt off so she kind of stormed out opening the door all the way giving everyone a view of me without my shirt on. That was my first embarrassment of the day. But there was more to come.

So I quickly took off the rest of my clothes and put on the gown before someone opened the door again. I sat on the table, on the paper table protector and waited. A few minutes later the door opened giving everyone in the waiting room a good view of me sitting on the table in my gown, including my mother who was sitting in a chair right next to the door looking over her shoulder at me. The doctor walked in with another woman. She said “this is Suzie she is an intern”. “Your mother said it would be ok if she helped with your physical”. “Great!”, I thought.

Suzie however, was hot she looked to be in her late teens to early twenties. She was very thin, long blond hair, blue eyes, and smallish ****. They were both dressed in lab coats with dresses underneath. My doctor said to Suzie to do what she does after she does it. She took my pulse and blood pressure, and then Suzie did the same. She took an instrument with a light on it and looked in my ears, nose, eyes, and mouth. After each step they discussed their findings. Suzie found something wrong in my ear so the Dr. looked and explained to Suzie what she was looking and that is was nothing.

They both put their stethoscopes on my chest on the outside of my gown and listened to my heart while discussing what were listening to. While they were holding their stethoscopes on my chest Suzie had her finger on my nipple. I don’t think she knew her finger was there. I have always had very sensitive nipples and felt a stirring in my groin area. I was terrified that I might get an erection in front of these 2 women.

My Doctor untied the back of my gown, opened it slightly and they both put their stethoscopes on my back, told me to cough over and over while they listened and discussed over and over what they were hearing. Then she pulled it off my shoulders and down my arms so they could examine more of my upper body. She told my to lay down on my back. She pulled my gown down so just the top of my pubes were exposed. They were both pressing on my stomach and just above my pubic area. I felt more stirring in my penis; I was concentrating very hard on suppressing any feelings that were happening.

The Doctor told me to sit up on the table. When I did she accidentally smacked me in the head with one of her massive **** (more stirring). She had me hang my legs off the table while they tested my reflexes by hitting my knees with a little rubber hammer. My entire gown was bunched up over my groin area while they were doing this. Then my doctor said to stand up. While I was starting to stand I was trying to get my arms back into the armholes of my gown. My doctor said, “here let me help you with that”, and grabbed the bunched up gown, turned around and put into a laundry basket behind herself, like she had done it a thousand times before. Suddenly I was nude, naked, and completely bare; in front of two dressed women. I didn’t have any choice in the matter, she just took it. At the same time they were both pulling up little stools on wheels. My 14 year old emotions were all over the place, I didn’t know what to think, I was overwhelmed.

They were now both sitting and looking at my junk while I was trying to cover myself with my hands. My doctor told me to put my hands behind my back and to stand still. Then he told Suzie to check me for a hernia. Then Suzie did the unthinkable, she grabbed my penis, lifted it up, with one hand and my balls with the other hand. She started rolling my balls around. While she did this I noticed her blouse gaped open a little and I could see some of her lacy bra. That was too much and I instantly got an erection right in her hand. Her eyes got as wide a saucers, she let go of everything and rolled her stool backwards. Then she started apologizing. My doctor got mad and told her it wasn’t her fault and that she didn’t need to apologize. She looked at my erection, got madder and slapped it. I said, “ouch that hurt”. She called me a dirty boy.

The doctor told Suzie to get on with it. This was in the 60’s so they weren’t wearing gloves. Suzie took a hold of my penis again with one (very soft, very tiny) hand and my one of my balls with the other hand. She told me to turn my head and cough as she was rolling my balls around and feeling. I felt like I was getting even harder. She told the doctor something felt funny in my testicular area. The doctor said to let her try. Then she took a hold of my balls and told me to cough over and over while she was rolling them around and feeling them. My penis got even harder and was starting to bounce up and down. Suzie asked why it was doing that. The doctor told her that because there was so engorged with blood it was actually bouncing to my heart beat. She also told her that you actually take someone’s pulse through a penis. My **** was sticking straight out and kept bumping her arm. She told Suzie to hold it out of the way. Suzie grabbed it and held it against my stomach.

Suzie said, “I see what you mean I can feel his pulse through his penis, and it feels like it’s getting stronger. My breathing was getting more and more ragged, sweat was forming on my upper lip. I felt like I was getting closer to *******. The doctor said everything was felt fine and for Suzie to check for herself. I started breathing even harder. The doctor said, “Oh my, I think he is going to have an ******”. Then she said if you think a boy is going to have an ****** you should take a hold of the penis just below the head and squeeze”. She squeezed very hard and I was breathing even faster and felt my entire body erupting (I actually had an ****** but did not *********). But because she was squeezing nothing happened. My breathing started to slow down and I was calming down a little.

Suzie took a hold of my penis and balls to continue her checkup. She said, “It’s amazing how something can be so hard and so soft at the same time”. The doctor said, “Haven’t you ever held an erect penis?” Suzie said, “no, I never did I’m a virg-, ahh, I mean I never had se-, I mean I, well you know. The doctor said, “You mean you’re a virgin?” “Yes I am.” She said, as her face turned red. “I never had time I was always studying.”

Pre-*** started coming out of my **** and some of it got on Suzie’s hand. While she was still holding my erection she asked what was going on. The doctor gave her some scientific word for pre-*** and told her it was a form of lubricant to help the man enter the women’s vagina during sex. I started breathing hard and ragged again as I felt like I was going to *** again. The doctor told her I was going to have an ****** and to squeeze my penis. Suzie didn’t understand the doctor with her thick accent and said, “What did you say?” The doctor said, “Squeeze it hurry!”

While she was starting to squeeze with one hand and was still holding my balls with the other hand. She wasn’t squeezing nearly as hard as the doctor did. I noticed her shirt was gaping even more, her bra was not only showing more but is was gaping open because her arms were both in front of her and I actually saw her perfect pink nipple on the tip of her small but beautiful ***. I was going over the edge now as I felt a tightening in my balls. Then I pulled my hips back and my **** started to slip through her hand. She pushed her hand back to get a better grip and slid her hand along my ****. That was it I let out loud grunt and shot my load right in her face (I think some even went into her mouth). She screamed and the doctor said, “oh my god!”

Suddenly the door came flying open (it was my mother with a very surprised look on her face). Suzie pushed my penis away from her face and the second shot went into the doctor’s well quaffed hairdo. I came two or three more squirts onto the floor. While I was finishing cuming I noticed everyone in the waiting room was watching me. The doctor and Suzie ran out of the room with *** all over them. My mom followed them asking them what the hell just happened.

All of a sudden I’m standing there alone in the room stark naked still with a semi-hard penis. The door was wide open and there were more than a dozen wide eyes on me, including the girl that was my crush. She had both hands covering her mouth. I looked around and there was nothing to cover myself with within reach. The room was very small leaving nowhere to hide. All I could was walk over and close the door. The door was a pocket style sliding door. It was stuck open and I was struggling to get it unstuck in front of everyone. I finally got it closed, turned around and leaned on the door not believing what just happened. I noticed I was hard again and still very horny. I didn’t know what to do at this point was my physical over, should I get dressed? I was confused. Just as I was starting to calm down and get a grip on the situation the door opened and I standing there, hard a rock, dazed and confused. I looked up and saw my mom looking down at me while saying “get dressed we have to go.” I closed the door and got dressed while my mom watched. At that point I didn’t care, **** she just saw me ***.

I left with my mother, passing a lot of snickering faces and a wink from my crush. I never saw Suzie again but I dated my crush for a few of months after that. She told me she couldn’t believe what she and the rest of the waiting room saw happen and made me talk about it when we finally decided to have sex. Here I am in my 50s and still remember it like it was yesterday.
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Sounds like a good day.

Wtf yes im here 2015 fake account

hahaha that's a good one

nice that haped to me but it was just a docter and **** she was hot i got rock hard and my **** was really hard. i walked out and all i think is **** they all saw my **** ****.


No....way.....I would not leave the house ever....again.....bro....

my ***

Oh my gosh, you just won the award for most embarrassing moment. This is so the 60's. I mean your mum opened the door with everyone to see that the intern's face is right over your penis, while she has ***** on her face. It probably looked like she just got you off. Yes, I believe you when your crush decided to date you after that.

Not bad