The Nurse

This is a quick story. A few years ago, when I could afford health insurance. LOL. I went in to see my PPO for a minor stomache problem, The nurse practitioner, (a cute lady in her twenties, much younger than my doctor), came in first and told me to get in the gown thing and wait for the doctor. I was alone for a few minutes and kind of got a little hard waiting there basically naked except for the thin gown. She eventually came back in and told me that the doctor was really busy today, over booked, (hapens from time to time with a PPO), and asked if it was ok with me, that she would go ahead and see me. Or I could reschedule. I was already there and undressed and everything so I agreed to let her examine me. After doing the basics, temperature, blood pressure etc., she asked me why I was there today.... I told her about my stomache pain and she ended up prescribing me some antacids. But before I left she wanted to get a urine sample. Her words were:
I need you to pee in a cup. She then asked me if I was uncircumcised, I said yes, she looked at me a little strange, as if she didn't believe me, she added, oh, you are? Then looking down at my crotch, she said, well, your going to need to pull the skin all the way back and wipe off the tip of your penis with this before you start to pee ... and hands me one of those alcohol packets; the ones that are like moist towelets. I said ok, no problem. Then she lifted up the gown and took a look at my ****. She tilted her head just a bit and with a little smile on her face, let out a little "Hmm" sound. And that was it, and pointed me towards the bathroom. Maybe she didn't believe I was uncut? Just an odd little surprise and I remember getting real hard while I was trying to **** because of it. I can still to this day remember her pantamiming the motion of skining back my foreskin with both her hands, then making circular motions in air with the moist towlette thing, when instructing me on how to properly clean off the tip of my ****. That was so hot that when I got in the parking garage It was all I could think about. I had to **** off in my car before I could drive away!
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I always get totally naked for my yearly physicals--I want the doctor to check every inch of me, so I have the entire exam naked---that's the way it should be. I always get hard during the rectal--she tells me that is perfectly normal

What a missed opportunity............ could you not have said "oh, I don't think I'm qualified to do medical stuff......." ;-)

I like it! It makes me want to try out one of the nurse practicioners next time I go!