Embarassing Physical

im a senor in high school, and just had a physical. It was so I can join the wrestling team.

It started with me getting weighed and having my height checked and then my vitals taken. then I was led to the doctors room. the nurse instructed me to remove all my cloths and put on this gown as she extended her hand to hand me what appeared to be cloth in her hands. "a cloth gown?" i said a little conserned. she said "yes is that a problem" I told her that i wasn't comfortable using a gown that is not non-disposable. I didnt wanna be in something that some other naked person was also in. maybe i was over reacting but its stil how i feel about it.

so she put the gown away, and said i needed to removed everything but my underwear since i wont use a gown. I said ok and preceded to ***** down to my white tighty whities. i was wearing only my briefs and my shirt as the door started to open. i continued to take off my shirt and walked over to the exam table in my briefs. he said "no gown" i just said "no its fabric not disposable" he kinda shrugged and said "you can take those off too" as i heard that my heart dropped and i thought not my breifs too. i reluctantly removed my briefs put them in the chair and walked naked over to the table.

i sat there with my hands covering myself and he started asking questions. he could tell i was alittle shy or embarassed i guess because he asked if i was ok. i said i was fine but i was worried because i was starting to get hard. he grabbed on eof my arms to do the reflex tests and as he did my package wasn't as covered and it was obvious i was about to sport some wood. after all my reflex tests he instructed me to stand up and put my hands on my head. i was shocked! i was hard at this point and didnt want to stand up with my hands on my head leaving my ***** standing straight out from my body. but i did anyway. he started listening to my lungs and asked me to take deep breaths the more i did it the more i felt like my ***** bounced and throbbed in mid air.

then he instructed me to get back on the table and lay on my back. i did so with hand by my side and erection now laying on my stomach. he turned and sat down at the computer and seemed to be there for a few minutes. i tried to lose my ***** but the longer i layed there exposed the harder it seemed i got. there was a loud knock on the door as it swung open, i was freaked out, someone was entering the room as i was laying on my back with a ***** naked!! who was that? two nurses came in one gasped and started laughing immedietly (the younger one) but tried to hide it. they were called in to replace the computer mouse that died! i was horrified.

so there i was laying naked on a table with a ***** feeling like i was about to explode from the embarassment/excitment. it started to turn me on to be exposed like this i guess becuase i felt like i was throbbing and dripping precum now. they fixed the computer and left. then my doctor walked over to me but turned away immediately i didnt know why untill i felt him grab my throbbing ***** and wipe the tip with some tissues. he said "thats normal for kids your age" let go of it and threw away the tissues. then he started feeling my stomach all over and pressing on it. the whole time my ***** throbbed and bobbed around, i could feel more precum dripping out and i was feeling humiliated at this point. maybe i should of worn the gown?

he backed up and asked me to stand up again and to face my back towards him. i wasnt sure what was about to happen but i wanted it to end soon, i felt like i was about to explode, ive never been exposed like this before. he instructed me to bend over and touch my toes, asked me to do this a few times. then asked me to bend backwards as far as i could. then he told me to turn around and face him. he was sitting in a chair that put his face practically IN my *****! he grabbed my by my hips and moved me where he wanted. then he grabbed my throbbing and dripping with precum **** and squished my shaft up to my head. then he grabs my balls and rolls each testicle separately in his fingers. i felt humiliated with my ***** practically touching his face and my balls being juggled it felt good, but it was a guy doctor, i wish there was another word other than humiliated but that'll have to do.

he finished, kinda patted my butt (more like thigh i guess, id didnt seem inappropriate) and said i could go ahead and get dressed, FINALLY i thought! and i ggrabbed my briefs. I dont know how many of you all wear tighty whities and im not huge or anything... im a little bigger than the average stats for guys. but i started to pull up my briefs and as my head hit the fabric i exploded! my body spasmed with pleasure, there i was... my back turned to the doctor just pulled up my briefs and i started shaking and letting off quite but obvious since it was silent moaning noises... i couldn't help it! i swear i was in no control over this situation.

he asked if i was ok. nervously and humiliated i said im fine. he reached over kinda pushing on my thighs and see's my huge bulge and a massive wet spot in my briefs. he said dont be embarassed those parts are sensitive and he pushed a button on the wall. so there i was standing there in complete horror not sure what to do! my hands were kinda out like now what next to my body but not covering anything up. and i was kinda slightly sitting... making the wet area and huge bulge look smaller. but then suddenly the door flys open again and a nurse is standing there, she sees me standing there with a ***** and *** in my briefs! she seemed to stare at me forever but it wasnt obviously.. she turned around immedietly (leaving the door open i might add!!) and then returns with disposable towels. the doctor stood up and said we;re done and shell help me clean up and he left, leaving the door cracked slightly but not really noticible.

im still shocked and humilated and havnt moved much since i cam. she walked closer and said "aren't you going to take those off" i made eye contact and started to remove them. as i did i noticed how much i **********. I've never cummed that much! it was everywhere, things felt wet even, it was humiliating. and she watched every second of it too. i put the saoked briefs on the table and started trying to get it all out of my pubes, as i was doing that she took my briefs and threw them away! so there i was using paper towel after paper towel trying to clean my mess, i was wipping my shaft and balls, then more of my pubic hair area all while she stood there watching me, handing me a new towel when i needed one. finally i was dry and clean enough to dress! i turned to my pile of cloths looking for my breifs to realize that the nurse threw them out! damn! i thought I have a raging rock hard ***** and no tighty whities to hold it back and hide it! so i grabbed my pants and just kinda hoping it will do away. she started to walk for the door and said she'd leave me to dress, but before she left turned and commented that i should do somthing about 'that' (my *****) before it happens again! i was embarassed but she was right! i could walk out in public like that! i wore sweat pants cuz i was gonna go work out after.

I put on everything but my bottoms (now only included in that are my sweats). now i dont know what to do, i still feel incredibly horny from the goings ons all the exposing my body and humiliation really turned me on i guess, because this ***** woundnt go away! i didnt know what to do! so i pulled my sweats up and waited in the room for it to die down. after 4 mins it still wasnt gone... infact didnt move at all! then there was a knock on the door, i turned away so my back was facing the door, it was a nurse with a patient who needed the room. so i awkwardly backed out trying not to show anyone my hardon (even though it was incredibly obvious because i was wearing a short shirt that only came down to my waist and these sweats did nothing to hide my erection. as i was making it to an exit a nurse called my name out and i turned and she kinda gasped and was taken back for a second (i guess my situation surprised her) she walked toward me and said the blood lab is this way and put her hand on my back and guided me the other way where everyone seemed to me standing. i didnt wanna cover myself with my hands because i thought it would draw more attention, and i couldnt hide it anyway even if i tried. i stood against the wall with everyone else and waited my turn. my ***** didnt go away and EVERYONE saw it! i couldnt hide it in the waist band of my sweats cuz my shirt was too short so there was nothing i could do. finally it was my turn and my blood was taken and when i stood up to leave my erection was finally gone! i was so releaved.

i got up and left after that. i went to the store and bought some new briefs and put them on in a public bathroom before i went to my first workout with the team... it was humiliating and embarassing, but later that night i was thinking about it and it totally turned me on...
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That must have been a horrible experience . That is enough to make someone have tears of feeling bad for you .

I used to get hard every time I was naked in public at all. Good story.

Great story!

Great story!

Great story!