Naked In Front Of Female Dr.

I went to a physical exam today for the 1st time in years. The nurse called me in to heck my weight and blood pressure, she asked me to take of my shoes and shirt. She took my temp and blood pressure. Then she ask me to get on the scale to check my weight and height. After she checked all that she told me to remove my pants,sock and underwear,she said I can wait until she leaves. So once she left I removed everything and put on the gown and the Doctor came in. She was and older lady in her late 50's, she started off asking me question about my health,how I was feeling and such. So once that was over she check my ears,eyes heart stuff like that. She asked me to lay down and pulled down the gown where my chest was out. She then went to exam my stomach and move the gown down where my penis out. She went to move my penis out the way to exam in that area.Then she ask me to stand without the gown and I was all the way naked in front of her. She was me to walk back and forth,bend over to check my back. Then she put on the latex glove to exam my penis. She was doing that for about 3 mins and then I got really hard. I acted like it didn't happen and she said nothing about it at all. At the end she wanted to check my blood pressure again because it was high. So I was still naked and she checked while I sitting on the exam table naked. I don't know how I feel about this whole thing good or bad.
memanhim memanhim
Oct 12, 2012