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Group Sport Exam In School

When I was a freshman in high school, all the kids had to report to the locker room to get an exam for sports. The nurse was sitting at one side of a locker room near a scale and other equipment in a curtained room. We were told to undress into our skivvies and make a line. It was a small school, so we only waited for like 25 mins but it seemed like 4ever! once we got to the end of the line we entered the curtained area in a group of about 6, me and 5 other freshman. Were checked for weight, blood pressure, reflexses, ect. then the nurse told us to pull down our underpants for a genital exam! i was so embarrassed that they practically had to take them off me! with my last piece of decency around my ankles, i tried to keep by balls covered as best i colud. but then the nurse told all of us to keep our arms straight by our sides, which i was horrified to do. one at a time, she rolled our balls and had us cough, in full view of every other boy in the school! One of the seniors who saw never let me live down my look of horror on my face and my less than average penis size. It was humiliating! 

MOOCOW777 MOOCOW777 13-15, M 4 Responses Nov 18, 2009

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It was just like being naked in the showers. The first couple times, it's uncomfortable because you don't know what to expect, but after you notice it's no big deal. I'm Asian, and when I moved to California in my junior year of high school, where there were blacks, I was intimidated because of all the talk about penis size, but we were all about the same size, but after a while, nobody noticed, nobody cared. You just do what you had to do and go on with your day.

same happened in my school except dr was an old man he would examine ur balls fully exposed in full view of other students with ur underwear down around ur ankles

While I do hope that you are "over it", as the idiotic response from WETAT17 suggests, I do not blame you for being embarrassed! It's amazing how school nurses ignore the privacy concerns of young men. Can you imagine the young ladies being treated the same way by a male doctor? If it happens to guys, no one cares. If it happen to young women, you'd see it on Nightline and the school district would STILL be paying off the lawsuits! Amazing...

Get over it u have nothing to embarrassed about if any 1 dose it's the other boy for checking your package but if u take it out and excise it 1 in while it will grow up big and healthly