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A few weeks ago I was at my docs office for a yearly exam. I am 13 years old, and this is the first time that the doctor actually had me get nude. So I go into the exam, thinkin that its just a normal checkup, and also my mom came into the room with me and my lil 10 year old bro too. The doctor (a female) came in & I had my weight takn, blood pressure, height, breating, ears, ect. and i had to take off my pants for reflexes where my brother laughed at the sight of my nearly naked adolescent body in my briefs. All of my previous exams stopped there. but now the doctor tells me completely normally to pull down my briefs! Im like <wtf?> but i'm too shocked to say anything, just stand there with my mouth open in terror. My mom on hearing this looks up from her PEOPLE mag and by brother laughes uncontrollably. Hurry up! the doc says, and i force myself to pull em down, and to ditch my pride and dignity. so now i'm standing completely bear in front of my mom and brother who is turning red  from laughing so hard, but trying to contain it. The doctor looked down at my developing penis and thin coat if straight brown hairs and says "you are developing pubic hair normally on your upper region and scrotum." Too make it even worse, i started to get an erection, causing another fit of laughing in my brother and a wierd look from my mom. then the doc she takes one of my balls and rolls it in her hands and tells me to cough. I can hardly squeak out a cough I am so humiliated. she repeats this with the other one and  tells me about testicle cancer while i am just dying to be able to get dressed. f inally I am allowed to get redressed. It was so humiliating, and I am dreading going back there, especially with my brother in the room.

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Yeah, I think after 12 yrs old, your mother should of had the decency to excuse herself from the room.

I don't remember my mom ever being in the room once I was old enough to be examined nude. Nor did I have a female doc doing them. But then, times have changed since I was a teen.

I only had one exam with a female doctor - it was in the military and I had no choice.

This story is from 2009 so I'm interested to hear if you've had and physicals since this and if so if mum or bro were in the room with you and how did it go. Has bro had to have his physical yet? You should offer to take him

Dont worry, your brother will get his nuts felt up eventually too. Than can laugh at HIM.

my pediatrician lets my mom stay in the room with me which is OK but then he tells me to take off my underwear incluiding my briefs or boxer shorts so i'm nude for my whole exam in front of my mom. lately i have been getting boners during my physicals too.

I would say you are feeling uncomfortable during your entire physical exam!!! And you totally dislike getting undress for your physical exam?? And you totally do not want to take off your shoes and socks because your bare feet get cold during your physical exam!!! And you also do not want your bare feet to be tickle!!!!!

There is no need for you to feel embarrased being naked in front of your mother, she knows what a naked guy looks like.<br />
It is good that your medical checks are done to make sure you are developing properly.

Im 11 and got my testicals checked before she didnt explain why she touched my f***ing penis so i was so confused but the next year i went she explained why but still why the **** do they have the right to touck my balls

I always get hard when I go for my physicals. I imagine that it must have been fairly erotic aswell.

I would've told my family to wait outside and when she started rolling my balls in her hand i would purposely got a hard on and ask if i could have a **** while she watched

I hate going to the doctors once you i finally get called they take my vituals and then to the exam room . now me backup a little I'm 18 and have a problem that is very embarrassing to talk about let alone be examained for I have very little bladder control and sometimes bowle control so I were diapers 24/7 mine is male and I think he's gay because first he dose is to take off my pants so I'm sitting in just my diaper then he asks if I'm or messed seems like I'm always wet then he asks me take off my diaper and lay on my side he now take my tempture rectaly he then give me a complte going over including a rectal exam this has been done with my mother in the exam room. if messed he insits on cleaning me and examing me . in once sense of the way i dont mind because I'm bisexual. but he's get his kicks at my expense.

Well, I know that your problem may be embarrassing, but put yourself in the doc's shoes. If I had to examine a patient down there, who had messed himself, I think that I'd want to clean him 1st, too. No offense, I'm just saying.

Been there done that got the t-shirt.