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A few weeks ago I was at my docs office for a yearly exam. I am 13 years old, and this is the first time that the doctor actually had me get nude. So I go into the exam, thinkin that its just a normal checkup, and also my mom came into the room with me and my lil 10 year old bro too. The doctor (a female) came in & I had my weight takn, blood pressure, height, breating, ears, ect. and i had to take off my pants for reflexes where my brother laughed at the sight of my nearly naked adolescent body in my briefs. All of my previous exams stopped there. but now the doctor tells me completely normally to pull down my briefs! Im like <wtf?> but i'm too shocked to say anything, just stand there with my mouth open in terror. My mom on hearing this looks up from her PEOPLE mag and by brother laughes uncontrollably. Hurry up! the doc says, and i force myself to pull em down, and to ditch my pride and dignity. so now i'm standing completely bear in front of my mom and brother who is turning red  from laughing so hard, but trying to contain it. The doctor looked down at my developing penis and thin coat if straight brown hairs and says "you are developing pubic hair normally on your upper region and scrotum." Too make it even worse, i started to get an erection, causing another fit of laughing in my brother and a wierd look from my mom. then the doc she takes one of my balls and rolls it in her hands and tells me to cough. I can hardly squeak out a cough I am so humiliated. she repeats this with the other one and  tells me about testicle cancer while i am just dying to be able to get dressed. f inally I am allowed to get redressed. It was so humiliating, and I am dreading going back there, especially with my brother in the room.

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Wow that must have been extremely uncomfortable ! :(

Add me please! :)

get another doctor immediately., preferably a male and tell him you want the exam in private. MY doctor was was great at your age. He was reassuring in saying erections are normal etc. Also he did not rush me to ***** & gave me gown.

I would SERIOUSLY ask for privacy - especially from your brother. Nothing wrong with asking in advance if you're going to have to fully undress, and ask your mother and brother to respect your privacy and decency. The testicular exam and asking you to cough are normal - she's checking for signs of hernia, which can happen even in very young guys.

While the procedure is normal, having an audience would embarass anyone - even me at my age.

I know right .

I'm surprised that your mother couldn't take a hint and walk out to the waiting room with your little brother.

Don't we all.

i hate getting bonners in front of the doc

can you not go in yourself?

i to had some embarrassing doctor experiences too.i was a very late bloomer .


been there as well but mine was with my older sister more embaressing.

grow man so you had to take down your panties for the doctor what the big deal the doctor has probabilty seen more naked boys then you will see in lifetime and your mother who gave birth to you bathed and changed your diapers and why you worry about your little brother at your age im see one doctors or another all the time and yes i have to get naked no big deal do to medical problems i have im diapered 24/7 my will not except the fact that i cant control my bladder and because of this i get spanked naked as can in front my yoger brothers & sisters im the one whom should be embarrassed but im not

Dang dude that is just sad ... no really I am not trying to be funny .

You will get use to this as you mature I''M 60 years old and have go every 3 mos to the urologist Dr and have get undressed and the nurse is usally in the room. I would also note that because of urologcial problems I wear diapers 24/ yes you feel a little embarrassed but as I said you will get use to it. and least of dont' be embarrasssed by your mother being there she has seen you naked before

i been there god i know what you felt