Like An Earthquake

The night my ex dumped me for another guy, I was shaking so bad that I couldn't even talk straight. Someone probably would have thought I was having a seizure with how much I was shaking. Because I don't shake, I tremble. When something hits me so hard to break me down, I just start to shake, cry, pant, become physically ill. I hate it all...

TheKidiKehT TheKidiKehT
18-21, M
1 Response Feb 28, 2009

Thank you for your courage to post this. I too still shake uncontrollably when people make me angry, and have trembled like that when I'm brokenhearted by being dropped like a hot rock for someone else...So it's also triggered by severe jealously. What gets me, is far too many people lack the compassion to try to understand it and often judge it. I've been laughed and called crazy for something I cannot control on several occasions. I've been told it's adrenaline, which makes sense. I'm also a very kind, loving person whose graciousness for quite awhile may as well have been a neon light of "doormat" above my head. It could just be that emotions are bottled up, then when something emotionally really strikes those cords we just fall apart. It has also happened in dangerous situations so the release of adrenaline makes sense.Yeah, it totally sucks, and more than anything I wish more people who do not experience it would be more accepting.