F***Me and My Skin!

Yeah, so I get a zit, and I go into this transe where I just have to pick it! I pick one, and then I have to do another, and then I start squeezing blackheads, until my face get's all red and scabbed. It's terrible!

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1 Response Jun 15, 2009

Me too. It's just gotten worse and worse and now I never give my face a chance to heal. I don't want to do it, but I cant' seem to stop. I just hate myself afterward, because I look so terrible. It's been especially bad since I shaved my head for a family member undergoing cancer treatment; I don't think I would mind having extremely short hair, but a woman with really bad skin and no hair to distract is pretty rough-looking. <br />
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Don't give up. Read some of the tips from other users and keep using the support group. Find something else to distract your hands, like knitting. Soap the mirrors if you have to. I even sometimes put super glue on my fingertips so that I don't like to feel my face (note-this does not work well if you are knitting!). Don't turn on the light when you enter the bathroom at night-just use the hall light. <br />
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Above all, try not to touch your face. Try delaying gratification for 10-15 minutes and talking yourself down when you feel the urge. Review the reasons that you don't want to pick. Reward yourself for reaching goals (e.g. a # of days without picking).<br />
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You can beat this-start now before it gets worse!