It Was Kinda Tough, But~

I spent a while trying to decide what to do with colors, because i love the black and white scene and how classic it can look -- But i also really wanted color! So i picked Red, silver, and white (technically i don't include white, because it's like a default color for weddings.) but i'm also going to sneak some black in there.

I'm getting married Oct, 9th, 2010. So i have a little while to plan, but i'm still happy that i have plans moving and going. So far, it's been ... fun ... trying to find exactly what i want in my colors. Red isn't usually a problem, but it's hard not to find it with gold... Or with other fall colors. I mean i like fall colors, that's why i'm getting married in fall.

Still! I wish all the future brides luck in planning~

candiipup candiipup
22-25, F
Mar 28, 2009