I Picked Up A Hitchhiker And Lived To Regret It

The first and last time I picked up a hitchhiker was 2 years ago. I was driving from San Francisco to LA and I saw a young girl hitchhiking. She looked so sad standing there with her thumb out. She was dressed in jeans, tube top and sandles and had a well worn satchel sitting on the ground next to her. I felt so sorry for her that I stopped and backed up. I ask her where she was going and she said any place down the road. So I told her to get in and throw her bag in the back seat. When she got in she smelled kind of dirty like she had washed in a few days.

She told me she was 17 and had run away from home because her father was raping her and her mother didn't care. I needed gas so I stopped at a truck stop, filled up and parked in front of the Eat-em-up. I ask her if she was coming in to get something to eat. She said she didn't have any money but she hadn't eaten anything since yesterday morning. So me being the generous type I invited her to eat with me, my treat. She ordered a burger, french fries and a coke. When the waitress brought it she devoured it in 60 seconds flat, she was obviously starving. So I ordered her some pie with ice cream and a milk shake. These she also finished off in record time. Then she went to the restroom and was gone a long time. I finished eating and paid the check and went to look for her. I found her sitting in a stall on the toilet crying. We talked a while and when she was feeling better we went out to my car and drove off.

The trip was uneventful, she slept most of the way, about 8 PM I was tired and pulled in a motel. I got a room with 2 double beds and we went inside. She said she hadn't had a shower in a week so she ******** and went in the shower. There was a flyer for a pizza delivery joint next to the telephone so I order us a large pizza and some hot wings. She came out of the shower, obviously refreshed and smelling a lot better, she was looking through her bag for clothes to put on. All her things looked so filthy so I asked her if she would like a clean pair of panties and a clean robe to wear. When the pizza and wings came, I went out to the machine and got us some drinks, we ate and watched TV. I was beat from being up most of the night before screwing my boyfriend then driving most of the day. I told her I was going to sleep, she asked me if I liked men, girls or both. I said men only so I went to bed alone. It was about 9:30 PM when I went to sleep, at 3:45, I woke up hearing a police siren. I jumped up and looked over at the other bed. It had been slept in but the girl was nowhere in sight. Her bag was still there on the floor so I looked out the window. I saw 2 policemen heading my way and 2 police cars in the parking lot. A policeman was in the process of handcuffing my new friend. About that time there was a knock on the door, a voice said open up, police. I was in my bra and panties so I said wait until I get dressed. The voice said make it quick or we're coming in. I threw on the clothes I had worn the day before and opened the door. One policeman pointed to the girl in handcuffs and asked me if I knew her. I said yes, she was traveling with me. Hearing that, the other cop said cuff her and put her in the car. The cop told me to turn around and he handcuffed my hands behind my back. I started objecting, telling them I hadn't done anything, they said we'll see about that. They led me to the car and instructed the girl and me to get in the back seat. I asked what she had done and what was I be accused of. They said they would read us our rights and take our statements at the station.

The girl was crying all the way to the station so she couldn't tell me anything. When we arrived, they put us both in a cell, slammed the door and left. The girl was calmed down so I asked her what was going on. She told me she was accused of prostitution and larceny. I asked her what had happened, then she said she was guilty. She had went knocking on motel doors and asked the man that answered if they wanted company. She said the first man said yes and she got him to pay her $50 and went to bed with him. Then she went to a second door but the man was with his wife. So she went to a third door. The man let her in and agreed to pay her $100 so she did him. He fell asleep before he paid her so she got up and found his wallet in his pants, took it and sneaked out the door. She was on her way back to my room when he came running out yelling thief and caught her. The desk agent called the police and I knew the rest.

Soon they called us out of the cell and lead us down to separate rooms. They read me my rights and asked me if I wanted a lawyer present before I made a statement. I said no because i hadn't done anything. They said I was being accused of being an accessory to prostitution and robbery. I explained that I had picked the girl up that morning, she was hungry so i bought her food and let her stay in the motel with me because she didn't have anyplace to sleep. They didn't believe me, they said I was the leader of her little prostitution and robbery scheme. They took me back to the cell and soon the girl was brought back. She said she had told them I had nothing to do with her crimes but it didn't sound like they believed her.The next morning we went before the judge for arraignment, he set her bail for $10,000 and mine for $4000. I wrote them a check for my bail and after it cleared the bank, they released me. I got a lawyer and told him the whole story. Four days later, he called me and said all charges had been dropped and I could get my bail money back. The lawyer cost me $4500. a high price to pay for trying to help someone. The next hitchhiker I see will only see my dust as I speed off.
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I picked up a hitch hiker tonight In Chicago. Turns out he was high out of his mind on meth. He started freaking out and I thought he would kill me, so I hopped out my car and called the police. He ran off and left his bag. I went through the bag and it was filled with needles.

Yesterday I was walking home and a car turned around in the road and said "get your *** in here" I wasn't even hitchhiking. It was a black man and a possible transvestite(She(?) was dressed in a flashy bright red dress and giant red hat... And she(?) had a full blown mustash) in a small grey car. However it was still warm out and I wasn't that far from home so I politely turned them down.

That was a crazy story.... Sucks that your good intentions brought you drama. But, it could have been much worse.

No good deed goes unpunished.

That SUCKS! Especially because of all the help you gave her. Hopefully she's gotten her life turned around since the arrest. It was very nice of you to help her in that fashion. Most people wouldn't have even stopped!

wow I would have loved to have smelled her before the shower!!

You are lucky you lived to regret it. Take care.

For reasons given here I have never picked up a hitchhiker and never will.

I read your story and admired the kindness you showed to the hitcher,commendable.I looked at the hitchers story and felt sadness for the poor girls upbringing and the life she had known.I looked at the actions of the police and their attitude and was appalled.Why should their opinions be any more likely or acted on than the truth you told them?I looked at the lawyers bill to you just to prove you were innocent and thought where does the problem lie here?Its in the attitude of the police,the treatment of his daughter by the hitchhikers father,and in a system that allows you to be so wronged.What a lovely person you are to take that girl and help her as you did.Good bless.

Such a wild story! My dad always told me never to pick up hitchhikers. He had a bad experience once. He had been driving home from work, and saw a hitcher. He decided to give him a ride, since he didn't need to go far. With in a few minutes the man asked "What would you do if I pulled a knife on you." my dad said "Don't be stupid" the weird hitcher did so anyways and my dad pulled out a gun, little did the hitcher know it was a BB gun. The guy got all upset and said "The knife is just rubber!" My dad said he didn't care and to get out. The Hitcher got out and my dad told him the gun was BB gun.

Wow! It must have been very scary when the police arrested you and held you in jail: all because you are so thoughtful and kind.

Exactly my story CuriousSgt. I hitchhiked all the time when I was in the Navy. How times have changed that you absolutely cannot show your generosity on the road anymore due to incidents like this.

Wild story! Loved it!

Did u ever find out what happened to the girl? She must have been desperate for money to sell herself like that.