Neighbors Panties From Laundry Basket

I was at my married neighbors house with her and her husband and a couple of friends drinking and when I went into the bathroom to take a leak I noticed several pairs of dirty thong panties in the laundry basket as she was super hot and I had *********** thinking about her many times I just had to have a sniff of her panties so I smelled a couple of pairs and as my hard on subsided I returned to the party. As the night went on and the drunker I got my common sense went out the window and I put 3 pairs of her panties into my pocket before I went home for the night needless to say I went home and sniffed and *********** to ****** at least three times and then I thought it would be hot to put on the panties, they felt so good wearing them as I sniffed another pair of her panties. The combination of wearing her panties and my neighbors scent in my nose, lets just say I did not last to long, what an intense ****** it was. Check out our profile for more about us.
pantiescouple pantiescouple
Jun 18, 2012