College Life

maybe i'll start out by being realistic. because the following are sure to happen. :)

well, a few months from now, my life will be a bit different. if in highschool, it'll take me 10 mins, and 1 bus ride to school, well in college,  it'll probably take me 1 hour and 2 long bus rides, and a few mins of walk.

i'll start wearing shorter school skirts unlike highschool which is below the knee school skirts.

i'll carry lighter books and smaller school bags.

bigger city. more people. more liberated.

more prone on accidents and hold ups.

more stress. more serious on studies. (duh? college)

more allowance. more expenses.

my look will be totally different, more mature. the school also requires to wear make up so makeup session before going to school will add up to my daily routine. unlike in my highschool, those who wear make up will immediately recieve some kind of detention.

i'll start wearing heels, not those black lousy flat shoes i used to wear in highschool.

 goodbye to my old highschool friends and hello to college friends.

then it'll be a totally new atmosphere, bigger university and more new and different faces.  new professors and harder lessons. 

it really scares me that i wont make any good impression on my new life.

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5 Responses Mar 9, 2010

aww.. there goes that line again -- i'm too young. LOL yeah i'll enjoy this last month as a high school student. i cant imagine how things went so fast.. *sniffs* well, thanks. and take care. :D

bingo! hit it right on the ***. I tried goin to ur profile page and it came up with "error 899" i looked it up and it said somethin like "this person is underage and cannot be contacted unless they do so first"

EP wont let u bust my whiteboard cherry? i dunno why. maybe cause since youre underage u cant visit peoples profiles who are above 18? I dunno I'll try to find out why. Well enjoy your last year of HS cause after that its time to wake up from La La land! if u have anymore college questions for a seasoned vet i'll stop by ur posts. take care

i really want to write on your whiteboard or something but EP wont let me visit your profile. sooo..<br />
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lol what you said scared me a little. yep, my parents warned me on those things. and i had my mind set that i will hang out with friends who are good influences. maybe a few parties every month wont hurt. for sure i'll know my limitations. thanks for the advice. :)

well u have some good posts. as a current college student, i have to say that the hardest thing about college is staying disciplined. maybe youre better at it than i am but once those parties start rolling around during the week it gets hard to stay on track. that and just knowing that youre parents arent around to make u get up and go to class. especially when youre slightly sick, hungover or didnt finish your homework. then you talk yourself into dropping a class or two cause you would rather take them later, plus you can go hang out with friends or a bf or gf during the day instead of the night time. dont fall into that! stay motivated!