Young Girls In Diapers And Or Plastic Baby Pants

I don't know why I have an interest in young girls in diapers and plastic baby pants but have had it a long time. I am not interested in older women in diapers or in diapers being use for their intended purpose. I just like to see them on young girls. One of the sexiest pics I ever say was a ten year old in just plastic baby pants with no diaper on. My interest is for young ones that can still get in to real baby diapers or baby plastic pants. Now days mothers don't use plastic baby pants so you don't see them anymore. I also am interest in little girls panties, espacially nylon panties. Would like to hear from anyone else with similar interest.
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8 Responses Nov 2, 2010

I love seeing little boys/girls still in em love it.....

I was at walmart the other day and saw 4 girls ages 14 in the infants dept.and they had a package of the gerber plastic pants open and were stretching out the waist and leg openings and holding them up to their waists.I walked over to them and asked them if they were being confirmed by any chance and they said yes and they were looking at the plastic pants to wear under their white dresses and thats a tradition for the girls to wear the baby pants to enhance their purity.I told them i am catholic also and that i made my first communion at 14 and had to wear cloth diaper and plastic pants under my tights.i told them i wore teen size plastic pants and told them where to get them at.they thanked me and left.

i went to a wedding a week ago last saturday that had three flower girls,ages 13,9 and 6 and i was in the bridal dressing room helping out and saw the three girls off in a corner with their moms and they were each laying on a blanket on the floor and their moms were putting a cloth diaper and plastic pants on each of them.their diaper was pinned on with diaper pins and they had plain white plastic pants pulled up their legs.they wore poofy flower girl dresses with a veil,lace socks and was cute seeing the three of them walking down the aisle and knowing they each had a diaper and plastic pants on under their dresses.

protector here,several of my girl friends who were confirmed in the last two months had to wear the all white outfits with a cloth diaper,plastic pants ,tights and undershirt under their white dresses.i saw them on them.

Also love to see babies and toddlers wearing plastic pants, have hundreds of photo's<br />
and pics of kids up to 12 wearing plastic pants...

in many catholic parishes,girls wear diapers and plastic pants under their poofy baptism dresses at easter vigil.i have heard of it many times.i have heard of girls as old as 20 wearing baby type outfits for baptism with cloth diapers and plastic pants on under their outfits.

i love teen girls in diapers and plastic pants or plastic pants.i have heard of catholic teen girls wearing diapers and plastic pants under their communion dresses and also under baptism dresses.i thing girls in plastic baby pants would be very ex-wife wore plastic baby pants for me when we were dating.she was 17,i was 22.she wore the baby pants under her bridal gown when we were married.she was 18 i was 23.

I am interested in the same. If you wanna email I can share some stories if you want.