Girls In Diapers.

I like to see young girls in diapers (nappies). Would like to know one just to find out if she wears it because she has a bladder problem. Or if it is because she is being made to wear it as a punishment, or because she likes to wear and use it.
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2 Responses Mar 16, 2011

Dear traciebobb,my parish sells white plastic pants for girls to wear over a cloth diaper under their baptism,communion and confirmation dresses.the parents buy them and put them on their daughters when they are dressed in the white outfits.they really do make the girls feel more pure and innocent for the sacrement they are receiving.

I am catholic and at my parish,the little girls,preteen and teen girls all wear cloth diapers and plastic pants under their baptism and first communion dresses to make them feel pure like a baby for the ceremony.they wear the cute,poofy midthigh length dresses with bonnets lace socks and shoes.when they are either picked up and held or bend over to receive the water on their heads,their diaper and plastic pants is seen by everyone.i have seen girls as old as 17 wearing these outfits and have seen the diaper and plastic pants under their dresses when they bent is so cute!

traciebobb,did you find the plastic pants you were looking for?