I Finally Found a Point In My Life Where....

I dont care what people think about me. Call it a midlife crisis if you want, I prefer to think of it as Mid-life liberation. At 44 I am liberated from all the things that I thought were important and at last I am bold enough and careless enough to not let others designs on what my life should be, dictate to me. One day, I told my husband and kids i was going to pierce my nose. One day I told my coworkers and my friends. The next day, I did it. Just like that. Yea me! Yes it did hurt alittle, yes my parents (even though I am way past the age of being scolded by them!) disapproved, yes my mother-in-law acts more like a B*$^h than ever before...I dont care. I did it for me. So there. I told my hubby, put that in your smipe and poke it!


linlee63 linlee63
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3 Responses Dec 13, 2007

Good for you! Do you love the look and feel of it ? Was it something you had always wanted in the back of your mind?

Good for you! I got mine done when i was 28. It was right after I opened by own business and didn't have to worry about looking a certain way or adhering to anyone's rules. I have not regretted it. I think it is fun.

Yes it is great to find some way to express who you really are and not who everyone has decided you should be! I have been the faithful sunday school teacher, the stay at home mom, the dutiful neighbor baking bread for the newcomer. I have sewn halloween costumes, done voluneteer work and been the president of the chamber of commerce. Now I continue to do those things but its with a little more of me in it. Its like adding lemon to your tea...just alittle zestier and not quite so bland. I dont want anyone ever to think of me as a plain vanilla person again!