But I Had to Take It Out

I had my nose pierced twice but I had to end up taking it out.  For some reason, no matter how much I kept it clean, there would always end up being a big red bump right behind the piercing.  *confusion*  Anyone ever had this happen??  I couldn't stop it from happening and when I had it, it wouldn't go away.  It kinda looked like a zit but it wasn't.  Hmmm....

sexypink18 sexypink18
26-30, F
1 Response Mar 15, 2009

If even an earlobe can get badly infected sometimes, why wouldn't a nose? That's why I don't understand the whole piercing scene. However, I have had student from India who do this as an ethnic thing, and they never seem to have any problems. Of course, they have been doing much, much longer than we. Maybe you should talk to some of them and see if it's the actual piercing or the after treatment that causes a problem? Just a thought.