9/1/14 There's a pirate in my oak Tree. Not a real swashbuckling kinda guy- just the memory of his beard. Here in Fl. we have all sorts of odd things. Besides the tourists I mean. In my backyard stand 3 huge ancient Oak Trees. Beautiful majestic and full of SPANISH MOSS. What you ask, is SPANISH MOSS? Actually it is a paracite that sucks the life from its living host. It looks like strings of grey-green hair. The strands hang down in 4 to 20 inch clumps, depending on how old it is. It is nasty stuff. There is a legend that years ago a Spanish Pirate kidnapped a fair maiden. He swooped down, grabbed her and swung off through the trees taking her to his ship. Somehow his beard got tangled in the branches ripping parts of it from his face. Thus we have SPANISH MOSS. I have never seen a pirate in these parts- just the Moss. So if some moonlit night you find yourself under a tree with SPANISH MOSS and you are a maiden fair, beware. This story happened long ago. The Pirate may be looking for a new Maiden Fair. Or it may be he needs the lost beard to keep his aged face warm. Just be careful. That SPANISH MOSS is full of allergens. At the very least it will make you sneeze. mini ~~~~~typical behavior for a fungus lol

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I went to Florida 3 months ago I know exactly what you are talking about had no idea the name googled it saw the picture lol
so wanted to take one of the beautiful Florida trees back to Nebraska with me lol if only if only lol
Glad I didn't now I have enough allergies issues lol

One of the beauties of Florida besides the gulf and ocean is the Spanish moss. It hangs all over those old trees, a lovely haunted sight. ;-)

Oh this is cute! I've only seen Spanish moss once, and I have always longed for it, but after this explanation........