Wet The Bed Every Night As A Kid

i always wet my bed as a kid never a dry night kids in my school found out and called me names like **** the bed. am now still wetting my bed and wearing nappies
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Never a dry night up to about my 15th birthday, then just started to stop. I had a rubber sheet on my bed and my grand parents would hang it out my bedroom window to air it out, guess they tried to embarrass me into stopping, but I didn't work I just kept on wetting.<br />
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Most of the year I kind of enjoyed it, but in the winter I would frees my little wee wee of. I missed the smell of my rubber sheet. I'm 58 now and just a few years ago I went to a friends house who has two kids of about 7 and 8 Yrs of age. The moment I walked into the house I smelt it, I smelt a pissy rubber sheet. I didn't say anything but I knew. I asked my wife about the aroma and she said she didn't smell anything. <br />
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And now, when ever I get the chance I will wet my undies or wear a diaper and just let it flow.

Cool a ruuber sheet I always had one on my bed as well.you should of asked your friend does your kids still wet the bed I do that and if they say yes I bring up about how I wet my bed just one way of telling people about bed wetting nice turn on

I guess a former bedwetter will always recognise the unmistakeable smell.

Yes always

All my friends knew I wet the bed and I supose yes I did get a bit of stick over it but eventualy they found someone else to pick on.

I was seldom dry at night as a kid, Mind you I'm seldom dry at night as an adult. I guess some of us will always wet the bed. For me the best course of action was accepting and embracing it.