In Public For Tgr First Time.

I have loved peeing my panties for years but have never fine it in public. That was till today. I was out shopping looking at clothes etc. I was wearing white lace panties and navy tights under my jeans. As I was looking at different panties and bras I suddenly had the urge to pee. I carried on looking picked up a bra to try on and I was getting more and more desperate I looked around the corner and there was no one there so I thought why not. I let a little squirt out into my panties. I could feel the wet patch on them. I now was mote desperate and getting horny. I carried on looking at the underwater when I realised I.could not hold it anymore. This time I decuded I would let some out of me. I let out a massive gush of pee I could feel it going through the lacy panties soaking my tights and feel it running down my leg. I stopped my self went to the changing room to try on my bras Iocjed the door took my top off and put the first bra on. I was feeling so horny now but also needed to pee more. I thought what the hell. I took my jeans off so was stood in my wet panties,and tights with the bra on in front of the mirror and just let the test go it flooded out of my panties and tights. It made a puddle on the floor. It was the best experience I have ever had and made me so horny.
mhawkings mhawkings
31-35, M
May 7, 2012