Talking About It

Our Church group went to Panama City and one night a group of us decided to go walking on the beach at night. Me and my best friend were the only 7th graders, so we tended to get left out of things -- especially romantic occasions -- so me and my best friend were tagging along behind the main group. The waves washed in one after another occasionally wetting our feet. The sound made me have to pee. Just then my friend said the waves made him have to pee. We both laughed. We often thought the same things at the same time. After a while he ask me if I ever peed my pants. I got this weird feeling and almost said no; but then I said yes, sometimes. After another pause he said, me too. Again that weird feeling. When, I said, wondering why I said it and half hoping he didn't hear. He said he sometimes peed his pants walking home from school. Weird again. Me too, I said; then added, sometimes I get tired of holding it. Mee too, he said; sometimes I just feel like peeing my pants. So weird; that was exactlyu what I did. As we talked I felt my penis getting hard in my swim trunks. It was too dark to tell if he was getting hard, but I thought he was. After a while we stopped and watched the ocean. All we could see was infinite blackness full of sound. I'm peeing my pants, he said. I can't, I said; I'm too hard. Try, he said. I did and finally managed to squeeze a couple of pretty good squirts. It was getting cool, and it felt good running down my leg. Did you, he asked? Yeah, I said. Cool, he said. Yeah, I said. I jumped when he touched my crotch. Just checking, he said. We buth laughed a little. You can feel my pants if you want to, he said. I almost didn't, then did. His penis was hard, but the crotch of his swim trunks was definitely wet. Then suddenly I felt something warm. He was peeing his pants in my hand. That was really a weird feeling. I tried squeezing out another squirt, but no go. We walked on for a while talking about it, then saw the group turn toward the hotel. We better go back too, we decided. Just then the space shuttle passed over and we saw it real well and started talking about that. As we changed the subject from peeing our oants, my penis got soft. As we got to the edge of the light from the hotel, I stopped and tried to relax and -- yes -- I peed, full streal, right in my pants, right down my legs. Cool, he said. He peed a little, but said he had done most of it before. We went in and showered down. I think that both of us may have jerked off in bed that night; I know I did -- twice. Go figure.

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1 Response May 12, 2012

Awesome.. I had a friend who peed his pants if he gaffed suddenly or got startled.. I wet my pants a few times to make him feel less embarrassed..