**** Buddy

I have a friend that I catch up with from time to time, who's into *******.  Several years ago, I told him how I like to **** my pants, and he was very interested in this.  I think he was surprised at my interest, and we kept in regulat touch.  A few years ago, the opportunity arose for us to have a **** together, and he invited me over to his place one night.

To make it more interesting, we both drank a lot of water before meeting.  I also had to factor in a 30 minute drive.  I managed to arrive dry, but very desperate to pee.  As it turns out, he couldn't hold on for me, and he greeted me at the door in wet pants (HOT!).  Inside, he had arranged a waterproof tarpaulin so it resembled a wading pool, and said "If you need to ****, just stand on that".  I ******** down so I was wearing the shorts I was going to **** in, and immediately headed for the tarp, as I was totally desperate.  I let go and the pee soaked my shorts and ran down my legs, making a huge puddle on the tarp.  By this time, my friend also needed a pee, so when I finished and sat back down, he pissed his pants so I could watch and enjoy.

After the initial ****, he grabbed a couple of beers and we spent the next few hours drinking and then ******* in our pants, or sometimes in each other's pants!

By the end of the night, there was a huge pool of ****, enough to play in, so I soaked myself in it, until I was covered from chin to toe in ****.  After that, we were rather turned on my the experience, so we each had a **** to relieved the tension, and then cleaned up.

A few weeks later, one Saturday afternoon, we repeated the experience, and this one lasted nearly twice as long as the previous one.

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3 Responses Feb 16, 2009

Very very hot!! I would love to have a friend to pee with like that. A sloshly bed would also be quite exciting as well.

You have already played in each others pee, rolling around and covering yourself from chin to toe. So why not take it another step and play in each others' pee when it's nice and hot. Roll around while he's standing above you. Enjoy the warmth of his fresh pee, have him pee directly onto your back or wherever that leads you to. It's ok to enjoy yourself.

so hot!! would love to join you two, if you wouldnt mind a girl there ;)