Pee Sisters

this is a fictional story.

Wendy is  a 19 year old girl she has a secret fetish for wetting herself, but one Friday afternoon it all changed the moment her sister walked into the bathroom and caught her peeing in her blue cotton panties while sitting on the toilet.

Jo her sister stood at the entrance to the bathroom shocked at what she was seeing, she couldn't believe that her big sis was wetting herself deliberately and didn't even looked ashamed or shocked or even stop peeing as Jo stood there and watched.

Jo shut the bathroom door behind her still staring at Wendy wetting herself, what you doing that for Jo said, it turns me on a lot, why dint you try it said Wendy, Jo stood still shocked but now quite curious to see what it feels like to do it in her panties.

its a bit childish wetting your pants isn't it said Jo, Wendy smiled back yes i suppose but you soon forget about that after you do it once or twice, Jo thought about it, if my sis is 19 and she wets herself then being 17 isn't going to matter.

OK then, said Jo I'm going to do it, I'm going to pee in my panties, Wendy stood up from the toilet looking in the mirror checking out her pee soaked panties, ah that looks good she said.

Jo pulled down her jeans leaving her pink panties on, she sat down on the toilet, this feels weird she said, just forget about that your still wearing your panties and just go pee, Jo done just that, she closed her eyes sighed and began to wet herself for the first time.

Wendy watched as her little sister was becoming a potential wetter like her, Jo continued wetting her panties starting to understand why Wendy liked doing it, the nice warm wet feeling spreading around her vagina and *** making her feel quite turned on.

what do you think then said Wendy, it feels good replied Jo, i think i will be doing this more often, Wendy smiled at Jo as she pulled her skirt back down and left the bathroom, Jo sat there feeling guilty and ashamed thinking what she had just done, she knew that wetting herself was a bit childish but it turned her on so much.

a couple of days later there mum had left to go shopping for the day leaving Wendy and Jo in the house, Wendy had always liked this day as she could wet herself in her tight blue jeans, Jo came in to Wendy's room, Wendy was just finishing off a big bottle of water, you must be going to wet your panties again, said Jo.

I'm going to wet myself but in my jeans as well, do you feel like trying it said Wendy, Jo said I'll be right back, Jo went to her room and changed into her also tight blue jeans, Wendy followed her to her room with a couple of big bottles of water.

an hour later they were both so desperate and thought it was time to relieve some pressure, they walked to the bathroom, Jo was a bit hesitant wanting Wendy to do it first, Wendy stepped into the bath hitched up her jeans to make them even tighter opening her legs slightly looking down to her crotch and began to wet herself, her pee poured forcefully into her jeans instantly soaking her crotch and *** and streaming down her legs making her jeans shine with her warm wetness.

Wendy stood there sighing and smiling with her eyes closed as she drained her last drops of pee out of her feeling aroused and content at what she had just done, Jo stood watching with her hand on her crotch trying to keep her pee from escaping, she quickly jumped into the bath not being able to hold it in any longer, quickly opening her legs, her pee started gushing out hissing as it started spreading around her crotch and *** and down her legs.

Jo stood rigid not being able to do anything just watching as she wet herself in her jeans, the warm wetness of her pee tickled her vagina as it poured out turning her on immensely, Wendy was standing with her hand on her vagina feeling an ****** coming, she left the bathroom quickly as she couldn't control her body from almost blacking out through the strength of her approaching ******.

Jo forced out her last spurts of pee, looking down at her now almost completely pee soaked jeans, it felt fantastic she thought as she too could feel a overwhelming ****** approach, she rubbed and squeezed her vagina over the wetness of her jeans gasping as her ****** climaxed making her legs buckle underneath her, Jo sat in the pee soaked bath feeling totally content at what she had just achieved and wasn't feeling any guilt anymore.


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I wish that was a true story!