I Pissed Myself

I was wearing my stockings and basque under my clothes when me and my friend went to the pub.
I always had to go to the bar to buy the drinks and as I was wearing stockings I decided to forgo using the toilets and just have the one drink.

My friend on the other hand decided he wanted a few drinks like a skinful so I had a few and gradually started to feel the need for a pee as it got more intense I was glad of the opertunitely to go and get the drinks as we were sitting outside having a cig .
Isnt it delightful to have all these vices but anyway after abvoutv 45 mins it was geetting rather intense and my mate was laughing and asking me to get another drink.

While I was at the bar which was fortunately not that busy and the lighting was not too bright I could not help it and let a very small stream leak  out I could feel it running down my stockings and into my shoes.

It was lucky that the pub was carpeted because i could feel some had come out of my shoe onto the carpet so I gradually spread it round and rubbed it in to disguise the stain.
I went back outside and carefully inspected my tracksuit bottoms and thought good it does not show too much as they were a dark colour.
my friend meanwhile was smiling as he new what had  happened .
After i got us another drink  we left and I cycled home or I should say wobbled I only fell off twice .Luckily I was on the cycle track then half way home i  could not last  and I really pissed myself as I was cycling and I could feel it running down the saddle and down myt stockings and into my shoes I was totally saturated as I continued on home you could see my stockings as the tracksuit was totally saturated it was awsome and the smell was indescribable.
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3 Responses Mar 26, 2012

Hot story!<br />
I love it to let it flow into my skintight girls jeans on purpose while somewhere in public, especially while shopping in stores (for instance while standing in front of pretty cashier girls) or while sitting at the table in crowded restaurants...

I have another way as well I just love to wear a pair of pullups and have wet myself hile standing in a pub at the bar and no one is any the wiser

Sounds like you enjoy it...

Must write about another couple of experiences like that it is awsome

Thats one hell of a ride home! When I take the bike I only have panties on under my boy stuff but I am yet to feel that good!