Peed On The Floor At The Store

I am not a wetter. I like to **** bare pussied. On days when I am feeling bad, I wear a skirt with no panties. This makes it easy to squat and **** wherever.

Yesterday, I went to the department store in my skirt, no panties, full bladder. I squatted down to look at things on the lower shelves and I let my pee go right where I was squatting. In the home furnishing department, I pretended to be looking at area rugs. I spread one out in the aisle, squatted, and pissed all over it.

It made me ssssoooooo wet.
dirtylola dirtylola
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4 Responses May 11, 2012

Hope you pissed all over the carpet. Wish I saw I would have had a huge hard on

That really is sexy.

hehehe thats naughty, but i love it :)

You made me so wet with your story, just came in my pants. Can I come shopping with you, I would love to see that