Bronx Tales & Tux

I had a girlfriend in college who took a summer job at the Bronx Zoo.  She was a research scientist with a grant to study penguins.  The research buildings were far away from the public displays.  I went to visit her, and she took me to the building where she worked.  Next door was a geodesic dome filled with bats.  Her geodesic dome was filled with penguins, about 100 of them.  The ceiling was high and white - the entire place was white - there was a pond, the room was very cold.  But when you're a young man with the court and spark thing going on, you don't let little obstacles stand in your way.  We drank bad wine out of paper cups, smoked some joints, with the penguins wobbling around, walking over, checking us out, jumping in for a swim.  It was pretty bizarre.  Good old Linda - where is she now?  

ElLagarto ElLagarto
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:- ) !!!

Probably drinking bad wine and smoking joints somewhere in Antarctica.