How Do You Plan to Be Frustrated?

Well that is simple. When you live off of routine, you automatically can tell how your day is going to go. For instance, today is a Thursday, nothing special about a Thursday except for the fact that it signifies that tomorrow is Friday which is the last day of a typical work week. Granted that you work Monday through Friday. Nonetheless, there is nothing special about a Thursday. Except it just so happens to be that today is one of my roommates birthdays. Happy Birthday to him. Yay! ..... but I plan to be frustrated. And here is why. I work from 6 am to 3 pm Monday through Friday, so I have to be up at 5 am each morning. AND my roommates know this. BUT just despite me and because it is a day to "celebrate" I plan on not getting any sleep due to the amount of noise that will be coming from the swarm of immature "children" Mind you these are 18-22 year olds who act like they are 12 and 13 and are irresponsible and disrespectful. And considering, that they are throwing a "party" for this birthday boy, I am "looking forward" to the most "wonderful" evening that I am about to have. Oh joy to me. I am sooooooo-o-o-o looking forward to it ....... *evil glare*
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love it! You're a great writer-- thanks for this!