Run Away and Join the Circus...

I have been a dancer from a very young age & am currently an aerial silks acrobat. It's been a long time dream of mine to become a circus performer, & I am serious about it. I have investigated a few circus schools, & will most likely be attending one next autumn. To be clear, I support circuses such as Cirque du Soleil who employ only human performers. The circus arts are incredible & lovely & I've wanted to be a part of them for some time now. My life is a fantastic adventure, & both of my parents are encouraging me to follow my dreams while I'm young. As my mum likes to say, "worst case scenario, this whole circus thing doesn't work out for you; you'll have those amazing experiences & skills & someday you'll be the eighty-year-old lady with the coolest stories." :)

TheBowlerCapFairy TheBowlerCapFairy
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1 Response Mar 25, 2009

i think is a good idea, i do aerial dance , wich is now a form of art that is trying to be separated off circus fonambulus, in other words to be appart from the arenas, due to the ultimate intention of its own, that is to cause a deep sensation or intention to fly iin people an this way realise their slavenesses, rather than just entertain for a momment, , so this way the performance is more lasting thing than few minutes in the scenery.<br />
I want to encourage you to do that, or to become a genius, on some circus skill , if you do not plan to give an spectacle of your own, <br />
either way is absolutly nice, artistic, freeling and soulifter activity<br />
do it any way