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Suited And Tied

It is my firm conviction that I will dress up in a suit and tie more than ever. I am always being told that I look immaculate when suited up, so I plan to enjoy it as much as I can and will wear a suit and tie as often as possible.
suitandtieguy suitandtieguy 56-60 3 Responses May 28, 2010

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It works well for me. An extremely strict, self-imposed dress code is best. Anything less than a complete suit, with collar-bar, perfectly knotted tie, cuff-links, perfectly placed pocket square, spotlessly shined shoes, and dress socks and a jacket that is always buttoned... period.. no exceptions... is completely improper, uncivilized and barbaric. It would also show the world how lazy and uninspired you are. A suit, shows the world just how stiffly disciplined and detail-oriented you are.

It's no different than when a woman is in hose, heels and a nice outfit; very trig and classy. Carpe diem!

It's Sunday May 30th and I am wearing a suit and tie right now.