I Have Found Home Sweet Home X:D

For three years I have been devoutly soaking all my pretty white things every day in good thick boiled starch paste! Frilly blouses, high collars, sweetly old-fashioned petticoats, bonnets, and bow ties! All white and pressed and ironed carefully and lovingly until every white thread is lined up strict and straight as can be! I feel happiest and most correct to see everything gleaming white and standing upright, just perched around their hangars in such splendid stiff perfection! Then I press my ankles chastely together and don white gloves to button myself up so very prim and proper, so posed and picture-perfect! My heart sings with joy because I know this is where I belong! In a modest plain rose-pink suit, the vest showing off my nice tiny corseted waist, and the full skirt bobbing and bristling over starched petticoats!
I always knew my prayers would be answered and, sure enough, an ever growing number of nice gentlemen are returning to the correct attire in which they should always present themselves! So smartly buttoned up! So stiffly starched up! Bow ties and vests! We shall soon be bowing and curtseying every day! X:D (that's me with a bright smile and a big bow in my hair)
MissPriscillaPrim MissPriscillaPrim
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1 Response Jul 17, 2012

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