I am enlightened, an Illuminatus, etc. "The Illuminati" however, didn't invite me for 2 main reasons: I know much, I am a woman. They tried to all "the rest" give money, and they gave. So "the rest", all fake, businesses, ruin my huge business, the only real. The fight is so the Illuminati kill the knowledge everywhere, and nobody has it.
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Pray to God

I am not an idiot to do that.

you are all witnesses of the hugest torture worldwide of all times - mine; and of the hugest battle everywhere to save the knowledge; I always win, but you are more as a quantity, I am more as the quality. If something happens, I long time ago did everything, and far more.

YOU are disillusioned and have been conditioned to believe whatever your teachers have taught you...NOTHING more!You are far too young to have any such wisdom and there is NOTHING you can do to change that as long as you stay under the illusion THEY have put you under!Time to WAKE UP!:)By the way,wisdom cannot be read about,told about or taught through any school or institution,it must be LEARNED through EXPERIENCE!Hence is the reason we are ALL individuals and NOT the same people and are NOT all equal!Not better,not worse,only different!THAT'S what makes us all unique!This is what THEY DON'T want!As far as torture is concerned,there are many aspects of it and NONE OF IT CAN BE JUSTIFIED!!!!Unless,of course,you have NO LOVED ONES or CARE for ANY LIFE whatsoever!!!THINK about it...THOUGHT!:)

i have no teachers

all are equal; any is only, unique, different - for these TRUTHS I got the worst torture WORLDWIDE only by your FBI and their many fully paid slaves. Only the high education is more as a class, and as anything. for these TRUTHS I got the worst torture WORLDWIDE only by your FBI and their many fully paid slaves. I have my very own science. I am against Einstein and against many things. All try for that to put me down/kill me/ruin me by any means/far worse. THE TRUTH is very important. and its expression And I torture no one. I only am being surrounded by torturers. And I have no loved ones. And I do not care about life.

Ooops, SORRY,my bad!I hear ya one yur last comment,you're right!Sick world!!!

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